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LEDS and “Musica” at Latin Grammy Awards

PLSN Staff • News • December 17, 2008

HOUSTON — The 9th Annual Latin Grammy Awards was the first where a female performer, Gloria Estefan, was named Persona del Año. The awards program’s lighting rig also steered away from the status quo with new LED-based fixtures supplied by Zenith Lighting Inc., including Coemar’s Infinity ACL, Infinity Wash XL and ParLite LEDs. “We outfitted this year’s Latin Grammy Awards show with Coemar Infinity ACL, Infinity Wash XL, and ParLite Led lights for the bright, great color they emit,” said Zenith president Chas Herington.  “The Infinitys,” he added, “are capable of providing fantastic aerial effects, and we’ve been offering them for about a year to 18 months.  They’re low-maintenance and very reliable.”

The Coemar instruments, Herington said, have become a “staple” for LD Carlos Colina, who used them to generate visual energy and effervescence during the show, hosted by actors Cristian de la Fuente and Patricia Manterola, which featured performers including Estefan, Jose Feliciano and Carlos Santana, among others.

Coemar’s Infinity ACL lights, which provide the intensity of a 1200-watt fixture in a 250-watt package, feature a focusable black-light, variable beam size, and split color beam effects, with moon flower effects and CMY color mixing included.

The Infinity Wash XLs, meanwhile, also offer bright output, narrow to wide zoom ranges (5 degrees to 84 degrees total), and a beam shaper rotating and indexing at 360 degrees in one fixture.  Various lense options, including a zoom kit from 6 degrees to 36 degrees for extra brightness, and PC pens for ACL type beam, are also available with the XL.

The ParLite Led, a digital substitute for the analog PAR can, is commonly used to tone truss, saving 75 percent to 82 percent of the energy used by conventional lighting alternatives, and the units also weigh in at only 7 pounds. The fixtures can also assume variable light projection angles via a quick lens change, with a 12 degree standard option expanding with 30, 13-by-40 and 110 degree options.

Inner Circle Distribution is the distributor for Coemar products in the U.S. and Caribbean.

For more information, please visit

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