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Neutrik Announces Availability of its eSports Solutions

PLSN Staff • News • December 8, 2020

CHARLOTTE, NC — Neutrik USA announced the availability of product solutions aimed specifically at the eSports market.

More details from Neutrik USA (

As a type of sport competition using video games that often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, eSports demands fast computers, low latency, and superior streaming infrastructure. That’s where the proven performance of Neutrik connectivity comes into play. With its new eSports Solutions, the video game industry can now find a myriad of connectivity solutions that ensure top level performance.

Neutrik’s connectors and related products span the entire gamut of connectivity types, including analog, digital, low-voltage, power only, data, fiber, fiber plus copper, as well as Dante interfaces and PoE (Power over Ethernet) solutions. The result is a comprehensive range of offerings that includes locking and fully protected CAT5, CAT6, and CAT6A patching solutions that are perfect for the data center or tech room. For the competition area, Neutrik’s powerCON for AC power provides the most dependable and robust connectivity for power available. Similarly, the company’s etherCON RJ45 connectors and XLR 5-pin connectors make an outstanding choice for DMX communications. Further, Neutrik’s speakON speaker connectors ensure the most robust sound reinforcement results.

For control room environments, Neutrik provides multi-pin circular connectors for everything from IFB and comms to equipment control interfaces. 3G and 12G SDI BNC connectors provide routing for video signals as high as 8K. And to ensure pristine connections to the outside world, the company offers ruggedized fiber solutions for connections from the venue to outside broadcast (OB) trucks.

Fred Morgenstern, Neutrik USA’s Product Director, commented on the numerous Neutrik offerings available to the eSports market, “eSports don’t just require high-powered computers, world-class visuals, and larger-than-life sound. They also require secure, reliable connectivity to keep the action flowing. That’s where Neutrik comes into play. For contestants, our connectors facilitate rugged and reliable high-bandwidth gaming equipment. For broadcasters and streamers, our solutions ensure that cameras, microphones, lights, displays, comms, signal transport and more are connected with the highest quality and reliability.”

To learn more about Neutrik’s many solutions for the eSports market, watch the following video at To ask questions or to request a brochure, contact Neutrik USA at 704-972-3050 or visit For a video, go to


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