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PLSN Staff • News • October 7, 2019

LAS VEGAS – The new website has been revised to meet the ever-growing needs of its information-hungry industry readers, and the updated design raises the bar in terms of ease-of-use. “As we make our way to the 20th Anniversary of PLSN in February, we are always trying to make our products more dynamic for our audience,” says PLSN Publisher Terry Lowe. “Our new PLSN web site is much easier to navigate and brings more visual vitality to the home page.”

While the print version of the magazine is still popular, the importance of a clean, clear digital version of the magazine is progressively important, especially for so many of the PLSN readers who are on the road. Last revised just two years ago, PLSN readers demand better, faster, and easier ways to get the information and articles they want.

“The refresh allowed us to strip away some of the superfluous design elements and put more focus on the content,” says web designer and builder Mike Hoff. “While doing so, we tweaked our responsive layouts to present a more consistent look across all device sizes and types. The updated homepage features more opportunities to feature high profile news items, as well as allowing visitors to filter news categories based on their interests – International, On the Move, New Products, etc.” Hoff points out that advertisers benefit greatly too: “Finally, we also updated all ad zones to scale responsively, using the latest ratio ad standards, for more consistent and appealing display for advertisers.”

“We at PLSN never rest on our laurels as is evidenced by our updated website this month,” says PLSN editor Nook Schoenfeld. “We felt it might please our readers to give them a visual assortment of news that scrolls by their fingertips. Rather than have the user scroll through stories until they found one of interest to them, we are scrolling the latest news past your eyes, making it a cinch to click on something that catches your attention immediately while other news can just scroll on by.”

See for yourself by going to – also if you’re currently getting the printed version, save a tree and consider a digital subscription. Also, while you’re there, make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter.

Check out the new site at


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