PLSN Hits 20-Year Milestone

PLSN Staff • News • February 10, 2020

LAS VEGAS – Who’d a thunk? Starting a new magazine in 2000 was pretty gutsy. That it survived and thrived and continues to grow as it passed the 20-year mark in 2020 is nothing short of amazing. PLSN publisher Terry Lowe has announced a special 20th Anniversary Issue this April.

More details from PLSN (www.plsn.com) and Timeless Communications (www.timelesscomm.com):

“Like any business venture, we weren’t sure another magazine about the live event industry would fly, but here we are,” says publisher Terry Lowe. “Others have come and gone, the magazine industry as a whole has been turned upside down, but PLSN has managed to grow. I credit our perseverance, a little luck, and a lot of talent.”

And you were there for some, if not all of it, so come celebrate it with us in the PLSN Anniversary issue. The April issue of PLSN will be a collector’s item as we celebrate two decades of Projection Lights and Staging News.

They’ll be a special section on the history that includes an article made up of comments from writers and editorial contributors through the years; something from advertisers through the years; some of the magazines’ previous editors will also contribute to their time at the helm; and we’ll even look back at the covers.

If your company is celebrating a “milestone anniversary” this year — 10, 15, 20, 25 or more — let everyone know of your success. Celebrate your heritage in the industry with a Full Page Anniversary Spread, available in three different configurations:

  • Option 1: 1 full page ad, plus 1 full page editorial feature
  • Option 2: 2 full page, spread ad
  • Option 3: 2 full page, spread editorial feature
  • Includes 9”x12” PLSN Commemorative Plaque celebrating your anniversary


  • Option 4: 1 full page ad with a ½ page editorial feature on your anniversary.
  • Includes 9”x12” PLSN Commemorative Plaque celebrating your anniversary

Contact your PLSN rep today!

Greg Gallardo

  • Publisher
  • Phone 702.454.8550
  • gregg@timelesscom.com

Jeff Donnenwerth

  • Executive Advertising Account Manager
  • Phone: 702-932-5585 x 168
  • jdonnenwerth@timelesscom.com

Matt Huber

  • Sales Manager
  • mh@timelesscom.com
  • Phone: 702-932-5585

For full details, download the PDF.




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