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Scharff Weisberg Supports Fox News’ Political Coverage

PLSN Staff • News • October 9, 2008

NEW YORK — The Wolf Productions, LLC helped Fox News and its affiliates keep the public’s eye on both the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Denver and the Republican National Convention (RNC) in St. Paul, Minn., and without taking sides, Scharff Weisberg Lighting providing lighting packages for both events, lighting multiple broadcast workspaces. “Scharff Weisberg excelled as usual,” said John Trowbridge, lighting supervisor for The Wolf Productions.  “They were willing to work within the budget and always went above and beyond the call of duty.  I’ve recently been doing media coverage of politics,” Trowbridge added,  “and the nature of news is that it’s always changing.  Most events and shows have a linear format, but the dynamic nature of news runs counter to that: You can never commit to the structure of a show.  So scheduling and planning are very difficult, and I and the entire lighting team had to deal with that.”

Imero Fiorentino was the overall lighting designer for Fox News for the conventions.  “He and I have worked closely together for years on all of Fox’s lighting needs outside the studio,” said Trowbridge.  Since the DNC and RNC were staged virtually back to back, Trowbridge brought in five lighting directors who sat on the three separate Fox programs.

For Fox News’ coverage of the DNC at the convention center at Pepsi Center and from Braun’s Bar and Grill, Scharff Weisberg furnished Trowbridge with 2K, 1K, 650-watt, 300-watt and 150-watt Arri fresnels; 2K and 1K Arri Softlites; and 1.2K Arri HMI PARs.  The package also featured Coemar LED Parlites, ETC Source 4 PARs and ETC Source 4 ellipsoidal spots.  ETC Expression 3 consoles and ETC Express 250 consoles supplied lighting control.  Scharff Weisberg provided all truss and rigging.

For Barack Obama’s nomination acceptance speech before 84,000 at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium, home of the NFL’s Denver Broncos, Trowbridge required another lighting complement from Scharff Weisberg. It included ETC Source 4 ellipsoidal spots, 2K and 650-watt Arri fresnels; 2K Arri Softlites plus a pair of ETC Express 250 consoles.  Scharff Weisberg also supplied all of the truss and 25-foot Super Lifts for the stadium.

Trowbridge served as gaffer for the DNC venues. Gerard McCarthy served as head electrician.

For the RNC’s convention at St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center, home of the Minnesota Wild, Scharff Weisberg furnished 2K, 650w, 300w, and 150w ARRI fresnels; 2K and 1K ARRI Softlites; and 1.2K ARRI HMI PARs.  The package also featured ETC Source 4 ellipsoidal spots; 6 Light Par Bars with ETC Source 4 PAR; ETC Source 4 PARs; Coemar LED Parlites; and ETC Expression 250 and ETC Expression 3 consoles.  Scharff Weisberg provided the truss and Christie Lites the motors for the rigging package.

John Trowbridge served as gaffer at the convention center with Mikey Smallman the head electrician and Tony Bonilla the rigger. Meghan Marrer was Scharff Weisberg’s project and sales manager for both the DNC and RNC events.

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