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Theatre Production Survey from Production on Deck

Michael S. Eddy, Stage Directions • NewsStage DirectionsTheater News • July 22, 2021

Production on Deck, led by Production Manager, David Dstew Stewart, has teamed up with Porsche McGovern to conduct a survey of What’s going on with our production folx in the theatre industry? They have a good idea, but they want to move from the anecdotal to actual data. If you are, or were, a production person in the theatre industry, please fill out the survey. Also, please feel free to pass the survey link along to others in the production industry.

Here’s the description of this Theatre Production Survey from Production on Deck:

With the theatre industry attempting to make a comeback while dealing with a global pandemic, there seems to be an assumption that we can simply flip a switch and go back to ‘business as usual’. This survey is to gather information on where production professionals stand as the industry re-emerges. We are seeking data on what may be driving people to stay within the industry or leave for other opportunities. Any information we gather will be presented only in the aggregate. No personal information will be shared. Most questions are optional. If you have any questions, please email dstew at

As of today, Thursday July 22, 2021, they have received over 700 respondents to this survey. They are going to shut the survey down early next week, so take it if you haven’t. Share it for the first time or share it again. They are trying to get it up over 1,000 respondents so they can get great data to use to take back to theatre leaders who may think it’s back to “business as usual”.

Follow the link to take the survey:…