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Truck-Friendly Truss Folds to Save Space

PLSN Staff • News • October 8, 2008

PENDLETON, IN — Tyler Truss Systems, Inc. announced that its True Fold Truss (TFT), designed to save space and money on trucking as well as labor, is now available on a custom order basis. Spigoted for easy assembly and field-tested in 2007 and 2008, TFT comes in sizes ranging from 20.5 inches by 20.5 inches to 36 inches by 42 inches, in lengths of five, eight or 10 feet. All sizes fold to a nine-inch width. With folding internal braces, TFT provides a load capacity of 10,160 pounds for a 36-inch by 42-inch by 80-foot span with double diagonals and snap braces. A total of 400 linear feet of 36-inch-by-42-inch truss fits into a single 22-foot long box truck. “Not only does True Fold Truss fold to 9 inches in width, it remains true to size as it folds to the same length as when it’s fully open,” said Tyler Truss owner Mark Dodd. “With folding internal braces for stability, TFT provides exceptional load capacity. For example, the 36” x 42” in an 80-foot span, with double diagonals and snap braces, has a total load capacity of 10,160 pounds. And in a roof configuration, TFT’s load capacity rivals steel structures.”

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