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U.S. Air Force Event Lit by Bandit Lites

PLSN Staff • News • January 14, 2009

KNOXVILLE, TN — A recent U.S. Air Force event at McGee Tyson Air National Guard Base, the Order of the Sword, was lit Bandit Lites. General Craig R. McKinley was honored at the ceremony, which recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the enlisted corps. To light the event, lighting designer Will Twork chose Martin MAC 500s, MAC 2000 Washes, Performances and Profiles, Coemar iWash Halos, Chroma-Q Color Web Panels, and Color Kinetic I-Color Accents, among other gear, using a Whole Hog II and wing for control.

Twork used the Color Kinetic I-Colors rim the stage with color and the Martin MAC 2000 Performances to provide an American flag theme with American flag stars and
stripes gobos.  The Martin MAC 2000 Washes lit the runway up to the stage, and the Martin MAC 500s backlight the sword and sword bearer.

Twork used the Coemar iWash Halos to create a warm tungsten light source suitable for film and video content. He also placed Chroma-Q Color Web Panels around the video screens on either side of the stage to break up the black background and add more visual depth to the overall design. Bandit employee Giff Swart served as crew chief.

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