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UVLD Lights Hyundai at LA Auto Show

PLSN Staff • News • January 11, 2009

LOS ANGELES —  Unlimited Visibility Lighting Design (UVLD) partnered with Martin Brinkerhoff Associates (MBA) to light Hyundai’s Green initiatives for the automotive press  at the Los Angeles Auto Show.  The manufacturers’ complete product line was then shown to the public. The environmentally-friendly theme took center stage with cascading silk emulating water and giant leaf cut-outs evoking autumn — all of which flowed out the projection screens by cast of 10 dancers who performed three production numbers.  Video modules designed and executed by MBA visually narrated the individual product reveals.  

UVLD, under the director of creative director Martin Brinkerhoff, leveraged the lighting fixtures from Hyundai’s public show for the press event.  “By augmenting the original package with additional moving lights we were able to have a larger system than the initial budget would have suggested,” said UVLD lighting designer Greg Cohen.  “That was especially crucial given today’s economy.”

UVLD built on the Green scenario by using custom branch- and leaf-shaped gobos identical to animation elements in the videos to cast graphic patterns on the fabric swathing the vehicles before their reveals.  Speaker lighting was provided downstage where executives paused to address attendees.  

“Ultimately, what was most important was the products and giving the Hyundai execs the time and space to speak to the press about their advances in Green technology,” Cohen said.

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