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Adlib Lighting Supplies Michael Bolton’s U.K. Tour

PLSN Staff • International News • November 18, 2009

LONDON — Adlib lighting supported Michael Bolton’s production and technical team led by PM Tim Durfey on the recent U.K. tour, supplying lighting equipment and crew. “They’re our first choice of lighting supplier,” said Durfey.

Bolton’s lighting designer, Marco Zepeda, worked with Adlib’s Andy Rowe, who served as the main systems tech, and Neil Holloway on the lighting crew.

Zepeda’s lighting design combined “old school” rock ‘n’ roll looks — using 120 PAR cans and 20 moving lights — with a video for a contemporary twist. The lights were spread symmetrically over three trusses.

The crew used the PAR cans as basic washes, with the moving lights for layering and effects, all lighting the 10 band positions onstage plus four risers, a staircase and a catwalk.

The moving lights were Martin Professional MAC 700 profiles. Four were on the upstage truss, 10 on the mid-truss and six on the ground, spread out at the back of the stage. These were used to back wash the band and stage and for beam effects from the floor.

Zepeda, a musician himself, takes a similar approach to match the rhythmic nuances of Bolton’s performance. “Deciding the  colors and choosing the vibe to follow is central to my design,” he said.
Adlib also supplied two Lycian 1200W followspots and a grandMA full size console, Zepeda’s desk of choice in the past year. He is based in Austin Texas, and also works as a moving light programmer.

Zepeda last worked with Adlib on Bolton’s 2008 U.K. tour, and noted the “top quality” of Adlib’s equipment and crew, along with such details as their cable looming and packing of the road cases, as factors behind the decision to go with the company once again.

Adlib’s Peter Abraham noted, “Repeat business is always a great compliment to any operation’s work, and it was great to be collaborating with Tim and Marco again.”

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