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Anolis Specified to Light Art Installation at Museum in Australia

PLSN Staff • International News • September 7, 2011

VICTORIA, Australia — Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA)’s new Caulfield Campus features an iconic entranceway that includes Silverscreen, a 20-meter-high sculpture made from galvanized steel by contemporary artist Callum Morton. The design by Bluebottle includes the use of 80 Anolis ArcSource LED fixtures, chosen in part for their energy efficiency as an environmentally-friendly solution.

Eduard Ingles at Bluebottle led the design and managed the project from the beginning to the final commission. The Anolis equipment was supplied through BluebottleShop, the company’s sales division.

The Anolis ArcSource 6 RGBW fixtures are all positioned within the sculpture and are powered by seven ArcPower 16×6 drivers. They were supplied through Anolis’ Australian distributor, the ULA Group.

Along with energy efficiency, the Anolis fixtures were chosen for quality, reliability, their IP rating (68 and fully submergible), reliability and fully homogenized color mixing.

Ingles called the ArcSources “good, versatile fixtures.” Apart from their looks, the Anolis fixtures also bring all the other benefits of LED lightsources, including low maintenance and low ongoing running costs.

A Dynalite 8 push button panel, which triggers a pre-programmed Lanbox, controls the lighting. Bluebottle’s Ben Shaw programmed two default lighting sequences, each of which runs for 5 minutes and incorporates 6 different static lighting states. The system is time-clock activated and runs daily from sunset to midnight.

Situated between two buildings on Dandenong Street, the whole “Silverscreen” concept has become a landmark of sorts for the general public and those involved with MUMA.

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