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Croatian Ballet Festival Lit with Robe Gear

PLSN Staff • International News • November 21, 2009

PULA, Croatia — Emil Koller, LD with Sali Trade, Robe’s Croatian distributor, used Robe moving lights for the three classic ballet performances staged as part of the 2009 Histriafestival at the Roman Amphitheatre here. Along with lighting gear, Sali Trade provided sound for the event, which was project-managed for Sali Trade by Admir Shehu.

Koller lit Swan Lake, Bolero and Carmen, and made use of the Robe fixtures’ variety of looks, colors and effects, including the judicious use of gobos, to vary the atmosphere for the different moods required for each ballet performance.

“I knew that using Robe would guarantee me the creative scope, quality and reliability I needed,” Koller said, also crediting the full-featured gear for its quiet operation.

The rig included 14 Robe ColorWash 575E AT Zooms and nine Robe ColorSpot 575E ATs, four REDBlinder 2●96s and a Robe Fog 1500 FT for haze effects.

All the lighting fixtures were hung on truss flown below the temporary 18 by 14 meter Prolyte stage roof installed for the event. They were positioned on front, mid and rear trusses for stage coverage. Koller programmed and ran all the lighting off a Zero 88 Frog2 console.

“It was a great honor to be involved in such a high profile event,” Koller said. “The design involved lots of attention to detail and I needed lots of basic lighting building blocks so I could build more complex layers of effects and specials on top of them. The Robes were absolutely brilliant for the job.”

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