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Danish LD Uses MAC 401 Dual, LC Series for TV Awards Show

PLSN Staff • International News • April 8, 2010

HERNING, Denmark – Danish LD Torben Sjoeberg Pedersen has handled the visual look of DR network's Sport awards show since 2003. For Sport09, broadcast Jan. 9 from Messcenter Herning, he turned to Martin Professional's new MAC 401 Dual LED moving head washlight. "This year I wanted to try something new and decided to try out the MAC 401," Pedersen said. "We got some very good looks with them. It has a big fat beam that I loved, and the color mixing was good. They made a good fill across the set."


Used as both a set design piece and beam luminaire, Pedersen dispersed 401s between background rows of Martin LC Series LED panels with several units on the floor lining the main performance stage. "It's light and small and the design is also nice," he said. "It is important to me that there is warmth to the light and that they are nice to look at on stage. The lights we use with performers on stage need to work with the background."


Well-suited for wash, pixel or beam looks, the MAC 401 Dual's large aperture and super fat beam gives new visual possibilities on camera.


"I was pretty impressed with the beam," Pedersen said. "When there are cross shots with the camera it is important to have some nice beams in the background. No matter where the camera points there should never be dark spots and the 401 made for a nice background. In one look we had them at white and used the segment control to give it a different look."


The 401 Dual's color mixing system blends colors at the source before they leave each lens, eliminating rainbow shadows and multi-color lens looks.



It's a competitive unit, and I like that the color mixes inside the lens instead of like other units that look like an error when you look at them," Pedersen said. "The light output is pretty impressive as well. We were running them at about 50 to 60 percent." Pedersen also used the fixture's fast zoom to tighten the beam angle to prevent light spill. 


The overhead rig at Sport09 was massive, with multiple circle and straight trusses covering both the stage and large audience area. The trusses were lined with an assortment of Martin MAC luminaires including MAC 700, MAC 600, MAC 2000 and MAC TW1 moving heads.


Nordic Rentals AS, one of Scandinavia's largest rental companies, provided lighting and audio gear, including the Martin fixtures.


Photos:  Allan Toft / Martin Professional


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