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Glow Church in Melbourne, Australia Equipped with Pixapanel and Adamson Components

PLSN Staff • International News • March 5, 2020

MELBOURNE, Australia – Glow Church’s latest campus in has officially launched at Arrow on Swanston in Melbourne, Australia. Forefront delivered mobile solutions for challenging spaces including Pixapanel LED strips and an audio setup that includes Adamson iS7 line source array elements.

More details from Forefront (

Ps Joel Cave chose Forefront to deliver suitable audio, video and lighting solutions for the somewhat challenging space, also being a largely bump in and out scenario each Sunday.

“Arrow on Swanston is a commercial function center with multiple users in any given week. Fortunately we have been able to leave some equipment in situ, such as the Pixapanel LED lyric strip and front wash lighting – whereas all other elements are stored on site but setup and packed down weekly,” said Matt Wever of Forefront.

The geometry of the space presented quite a challenge, especially for lighting. There is no main front lighting bar, rather a series of vertical bars on columns in the seated area – with no easy access for focusing.

E1 framing LED profile moving heads were deployed for front wash – providing the ability to focus and frame front wash from the MA onPC lighting control. This also allows quick and easy profiling of a presenter when the large motorised projection screen drops downstage for video presentation – keeping light off the screen.

The presentation style of Glow Church demands a quality audio system. The main speaker system needed to be quickly and easily setup and stored in a side of stage room. There is no opportunity to fly a PA system in the venue, so ground stacking was a must.

The Adamson iS7 line source array was chosen for its incredible audio quality and compact, lightweight characteristics.

Three iS7 elements with two iS118 subs per side on rolling dollies allow for the speaker system to be up and running in a matter of moments. Powered by LabGruppen D-series amplifiers with onboard Lake processing and control.

“The Adamson iS7 not only sounds incredible but allows for high level of vocal and presentation microphones that given the stage thrust position are actually and unavoidably within the direct field of coverage.

Uniquely, the iS7 system’s high impedance allows for cost effective future growth, with more speaker elements able to be added to the existing four channel amplifiers”.

To make the complete setup fast, simple and systematic for even lay volunteers, Forefront implemented its pre-wired rack packages – complete with multipin stage audio patch system and drum drop.

Floor package lighting is quick to deploy, complete with ShowPro LED bars which stay mounted on aluminium vertical pipe and base plates to keep things lightweight and mobile.

Existing Sennheiser G4-500 series wireless mics and G4-IEM in-ear monitors were augmented with additional new units and antenna distribution – remaining integrated and patched in the main audio rack which is wheel in each week.

The whole system can be setup in 15 mins from start to finish and has delivered a great result for Glow Church, Melbourne.

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