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Kisstory Goes All Night with Prolights Panorama WBX

PLSN Staff • International News • October 25, 2021

LONDON – As the world returns to a new normal, so has returned Kisstory, a festival run by British radio KissFM. The boombox-shaped stage made its way back to Streatham Common, in London, where artists such as Fatman Scoop, General Levy and Lisa Maffia, among many others, delighted their enthusiastic fans who waited almost two years to return to the festival.

More information from Prolights (

This year the stage included PROLIGHTS fixtures including the PanoramaIP WBX fixtures and the Solar 48Q, all IP-rated units, perfect for the U.K. weather. Wolf Lighting supplied the lighting on all stages, ER Productions the SFX, visuals by Video Illusions and lighting operating by Spiralstagelighting. Elliot Baines sat behind the desk: “The PanoramaIP WBX have an incredible light output, and the combination between the outer ring and the 19 main pixels gave me a range of effects to play with during programming,” he commented.  “It’s also very reassuring to know that the fixtures are IP-rated, as the weather in the U.K. can change very quickly. Despite all the weather protection, the units are still very easy to handle and keep a bright output, ideal for this sort of festival.”

The PanoramaIP WBX has a 19x40W source plus an outer pixel ring, delivering a bright output with a huge colour range. “The pixel macros in the WBX are awesome!” said Baines. “It’s so easy to create stunning effects, especially in combination with the halo ring. My experience with this unit was amazing.”


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