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OCA Ceremony in Kuwait Uses W-DMX

PLSN Staff • International News • November 18, 2009

KUWAIT — Procon Event Engineering, with supplied equipment and crew for the Olympic Council of Asia’s (OCA) new headquarters in Kuwait, used W-DMX to help light the complex, which includes one building measuring 200 meters in length, with two different levels at 15 meters and 20 meters, and two towers at 100 meters height. Procon’s gear list included 60 Ireos 7Kw, eight Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300, 80 Kolorado MKII, 140 Alpha HPE and 150 Mac2000 Wash fixtures, with a total of 14 universes.

The fixtures were placed on the floor on each level, on top of each tower and in back of the building. Durham Marenghi was the lighting designer, Nick Jones the associate lighting designer and Phil Cole served as programmer.

Project manager Laurent Delahaye worked with François Vandermeeren, onsite manager for Procon, to find a wireless DMX system for the job. Vandermeeren used one W-DMX S-2 with 12dBi antenna and booster 1W and T-1PRO at four different reception points. He sent DMX to each tower (four Ireos and six Kolorado units on each one), on the level between the towers and in the back of the building.

“During the preparation of the job in Belgium, I thought that we wouldn’t be able pass through the building (+/- 70m) so I prepared to make a relay point. But I decided to try to pass and it worked,” said Vandermeeren. “So I passed through the building without the relay. I never had a single problem. It’s a very good system, easy and stable without delay. Each time I’ve used it, I’m impressed.”

IOC President Jacques Rogge attended the opening event, held earlier this year. The ceremony was produced by Haider Farman, the OCA manager of the Asian Games Department.

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Photo courtesy of Procon Event Engineering.

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