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PLASA 2011: ProLightingSpace Blogs, New Product Highlights

PLSN Staff • International News • September 9, 2011

LONDON — There’s a new Society of Television Lighting Designers (STLD)-sponsored LED luminaire shoot-out, a new Riggers’ forum and the second Rigging Conference this year, but the perennial focus for many at PLASA 2011, set for Sept. 11-14, will be squarely on new products. Be sure to catch the latest blogs from PLSN editor Justin Lang from the show floor on He’ll be there for the duration of the event, from Sept. 11-14.

For Justin Lang’s blogs, go to Some additional product highlights follow:

Apollo Design Technology showed off its stainless steel and glass pattern gobos. Other products included Smart Move rotators, Smart Color scrollers, MXR colour mixing scroller and the Right Arm, a device that adds pan and tilt repositioning capabilities to a variety of lighting fixtures, projectors, and cameras.

ArKaos announced that it would be launching its new network protocol, Kling-Net, at PLASA 2011. Kling-Net is designed to allow for the distribution of real-time video data to remote display devices, such as LEDs or LED panels, over Ethernet.

Avolites announced that its newly-formed media division would be partnering with Immersive Ltd. on product development for the Ai media server range.

CAST is featuring its BlackTrax 3D, a new system for tracking people and objects with accuracy in realtime, and WYSIWYG R27, which, among other upgrades, is up to 5 times faster in Shaded View.

Chauvet is introducing the Q-Wash 260-LED (37 three-watt, RGB LEDs, a six-degree beam angle, and nine or 12 channels of DMX control), the COLORado Zoom Tour (37 two- and three-watt RGBW LEDs and an 8-to-30-degree zoom) and AmHaze water-based haze machine to the European market.

City Theatrical’s recent product launch announcements include the SHoW DMX Neo and SHoW Baby and the PDS-375 TRX and PDS-750 TRX LED power/data supplies.

Clay Paky is expanding the Alpha range with the Alpha Spot QWO 800, a new 800W spotlight featuring a self-focusing zoom with a 7° to 55° range; Dyna-Cue Creator for complex animations; an animation wheel for video-like projections; and quiet operation. Clay Paky’s new GlowUp and Igloo will also feature Wireless Solution’s W-DMX.

Coemar introduced its Reflection LEDko along with a case study San Marino RTV where the new fixtures were installed.

Cooper Controls presents the Cogent XC LED controller. Its operatation modes have increased from 12 to 20 and can be directly accessed via an RS232 port. Also, a new range of Cogent RGBA and RGBW strip lights for indoor and outdoor use will be on show. Cooper Controls’ LightProcessor dimmer range includes the new LP RCBO Paradim dimmer and a wall-mounted socketed Cee 17 Paradim, plus the full range of  LightProcessor Location dimmers – a portable dimming solution for the film, TV and events industries and LightProcessor’s Zip lighting desks.

Daktronics featured its newly revised Pro Series controllers with the Vortek Classic hoist. The new 3-part cueing feature of the controller allows the Pro Series VAC control system to execute multiple moves simultaneously from multiple cueing sequences. Potential users got a chance to see and try touch screen controls, either for operating a full-sized or wired handheld VAC controller. Another new feature now standard on all VAC controllers is a dead man switch.

Elation Professional is featuring its Platinum Wash LED Zoom, a DMX moving head LED color wash featuring a 300W Quad Color LED system, with built-in zoom. The company is also featuring its Platinum Spot 15R Pro, a compact and bright CMY-color mixing moving head.

ETC will be displaying its Gio lighting control console.

i-Pix launched its Mk II, updating the i-Pix “brick” first introduced with the company in 2006 with four times the output. i-Pix is also launching its Beamlight, a bright, efficient alternative to classic rock ‘n’ roll ACL “strings.”

GDS (Global Design Solutions) will be unveiling its new LiteWare G3. It’s also featuring the new ArcSystem, BlueSystem, SM Console and CueSystem.

GLP is featuring its impression Wash One and is participating in the STLD LED shoot-out with its Spot One, Wash One, impression 120 and impression 90 LED luminaires. The company is also introducing the G-LEC Phantom 15, combining brightness with a new 15mm pixel pitch format.

J. R. Clancy will exhibit with its European partner, Hoist UK Limited. Highlights include the company’s PowerLift products, Sure-Grip rope, PowerAssist hoists and Titan, plus recent projects around the world.

Lightfactor will feature new DTS, LDR, Integrated Technologies and VXCO products. DTS: NICK LED color wash fixtures, including the NICK 600 Wash Zoom; JACK Spot moving lights, with MSD Platinum 5R189 discharge lightsource, 5 – 35 degree motorized zoom, fast pan and tilt and 28,000 lux at 5 meters. Novalight: Nova-Flower 2K; plus the DMX-controlled Novalight High-Ground. Integrated Technologies: new LED drivers that can be phase dimmed and controlled via DMX or DALI protocols. VXCO: New control software options including an entry level 128 channel DMX dongle upgradable to 512 channels. LDR: Theatrical and architainment luminaires.

Martin Professional is featuring the MAC Aura, a compact LED moving head wash light with zoom that offers “eye-candy aura” effects. It also functions as a single-lens wash with fully pre-mixed color, featuring two illumination systems in one luminaire: multicolor beam LEDs and a backlight LED lens array.

Philips will launch the StagePainter D60 2000 system, designed to optimize consistency fixture-to-fixture and night-to-night. It’s designed into ADB’s ALC4-2 fixture. Philips is also touting the continuing growth of its Platinum lighting technology, which debuted in 2009 and, just prior to PLASA, was incorporated into 12 fixtures from seven OEM partners.

Riedel Communications unveiled its new AVB product range to the broadcast and installation markets, demonstrated how to furnish global live coverage without satellite links, how modular multiplexing/de-multiplexing solutions can simplify fiber installations and how to realize a cost-effective 50G real-time media network with MediorNet Compact.

Robe is featuring 11 new products at PLASA this year, including ROBIN 1200 LEDWash and the ROBIN DLX Spot. The company will also preview the upcoming ROBIN Sniper – an new beam fixture. Other new products include the ROBIN 300 LEDWash, the ROBIN MMX Spot, the CityFlex 48, the DigitalSpot 3500 DT, the ROBIN 600 PureWhite DL (DayLight), the RUNIT WTX, the ROBIN 600 PureWhite WW (WarmWhite), the ROBIN 600 PureWhite SW (SmartWhite) and the CityLine 48.

Robert Juliat will present the Aledin 330 LED wash light and also feature the Aledin 630 LED profile.

SGM is featuring its new CC-4 multiple LED wash fixtures. Each of the four parts are equipped with 44 LZ4 RGB Cool White Emitter LEDs and a new light engine lets the fixture deliver 21,000 lumens.

Stage Technologies’ Ted Moore will give a presentation at the Rigging Conference about working at height, and the company’s Sculptor Animation Toolkit, launched last year, is featured at the booth.

TMB featured Wybron’s Cygnus Incite 375W Profile, among other products.

White Light featured its White Light Zone with 40th anniversary cupcakes and celebratory drinks, and gear from ArKaos, Coemar (Reflection LEDko LED profile spot), Galaxia, i-Pix, JB Lighting (A12 LED washlight), Look Solutions, LSC, Prism Projection (RevEAL LED profile spot), Rainbow Colour Changers, Robert Juliat (Aledin LED spotlight and new LED Fresnel), RSC Lightlock and Wireless Solution. White Light’s newest partners are CITC, Core Lighting, EVOled, Interactive Technologies, Leader Light and SeaChanger.



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