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The Vertical Theatre Group Announces New Era of Performance Venues

PLSN Staff • International NewsNewsroom • February 8, 2021

LONDON – The Vertical Theatre, a design for a ‘future-proof’ live performance venue, has been launched by The Vertical Theatre Group. This new innovative, tourable, free-standing venue, which was designed by STUFISH Entertainment Architects, is intended to help guarantee the new future of live entertainment.

More details from the Vertical Theatre Group (

The Vertical Theatre Group is optimistic that this venue, which allows for social distancing, will be ready to roll-out later this year with the ambition to have multiple Vertical Theatre venues around the world in due course, to give a much-needed boost to the struggling live entertainment industry. The Vertical Theatre Group have begun initial discussions with potential partners, and are open to conversations from further partners, to realize this vision. Here’s a preview video about The Vertical Theatre:

“We are devoted to the vital importance of arts and culture,” The Vertical Theatre Group founders, commented. “We believe they are an essential part of human experience, of what makes us who we are. We are very excited to be able to bring this innovative new venue offering to the live entertainment world at this pivotal moment for the future of the arts.’’

This freestanding tourable structure, has a roof to protect the audience and stage from the elements, with optional open sides to allow for optimum airflow and natural ventilation. The audience sits in balconies which can accommodate groups between 4-12 people or designated ‘social bubbles’. Each audience member has an up-close view of the performance space, bringing more people closer to the artist unlike any other venue. The Vertical Theatre is modular in size and has the capacity for 1,200 – 2,400 people (depending on social distancing rules). The venue has the capability to include built-in global streaming capacity and features innovative food and beverage facilities. Conceived with social distancing and decentralization of audiences in mind, the Vertical Theatre also creates a space that is fully adaptable for when COVID-19 restrictions are a thing of the past.

In August 2020, led by STUFISH Entertainment Architects, a group of producers, creatives, and technical specialists gathered to work towards a new design of venues that would guarantee the future of live performance now and in the future. The Vertical Theatre Group founders are STUFISH Entertainment Architects represented by Ric Lipson and Paul Preston; Holly Gilliam, Live Events and Documentary Producer; Katy Lipson, Theatre Producer; Jake Berry, Production Director; Robert Delamere, Director and Digital Theatre Founder. Their main goal was to provide a commercially viable space for live entertainment now, in a world of social distancing.

Ric Lipson, Entertainment Architect and partner at STUFISH, adds: “Creativity defines all the artists and partners we work with. At STUFISH, we were excited to see what a new type of cross arts collaboration could produce, as we build a new vision for the future of live entertainment – The Vertical Theatre.”

As market leaders in their own right, STUFISH have been uniquely placed to lead this innovative opportunity to explore the possibilities of live performance with their world-leading live entertainment touring designs with artists such as Beyoncé, U2, Madonna, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Monty Python, and Queen + Adam Lambert, as well as permanent theatres in China.

The Vertical Theatre is a new kind of performance space that could be used by all levels of the live entertainment world—from theatre and festivals to global artist tours as well as comedy, circus, and televised events ensuring that the world of live entertainment can thrive in a world reeling from the unprecedented impact of a global pandemic.

Further information from The Vertical Theatre:

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