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Zlin Film Festival Functions Lit with Robe, Anolis Gear

PLSN Staff • International News • August 25, 2011

ZLIN, Czech Republic — The Zlín International Film Festival for Children and Youth attracts over 100,000 visitors to see nearly 600 films from more than 50 countries screened over eight days. Along with movie screenings, the festival features concerts, live performances, seminars and lectures, and Robe and Anolis lighting fixtures played a key role in illuminating many of these gatherings.

“We wanted to support this event because it is a not-for-profit project for children from all parts of the Czech Republic, and focused on children with disadvantages – physical handicaps, mentally disabilities, those without parents or from care institutions,” noted Jiri Baros, Robe’s marketing manager. “The organizing team work very hard all year round for one goal – to bring smiles to childrens’ faces.”

For the exterior of this year’s main screening venue, the new Congress and University Centre, Robe provided Anolis ArcLine multi-chip LED fixtures. Four Anolis ArcSource 96s also lit a Skoda Super vehicle on display, courtesy of Skoda, one of the event’s sponsors. Four Anolis ArcPad Xtremes also lit flags of countries represented by films at the festival.

For the festival’s awards ceremony, held in the Congress Hall’s main auditorium and broadcast live on national TV, CT1, Robe provided a number of ColorSpot and ColorWash 1200 fixtures plus ROBIN 600 Beam, Spot and Wash moving heads.

The award ceremony’s lighting was designed by Dušan Kšír and operated by Milan Lokvenc. Tomáš Rusín designed the set and Petr Soukup directed the Awards show. Jan ?enský presented 12 awards at the event, with The Liverpool Goalie, by Norwegian director Arild Andresen, taking the Golden Slipper award.

For a VIP party sponsored by Skoda, which was held in the atrium of the recently-opened Baltaci Hotel, HUCOT, a collective of independent young visual artists, used four Anolis ArcPad 96s to light a new Skoda Fabia RS and five Robe DigitalSpot 7000 DTs projecting the new Skoda logo and promotional footage for the car manufacturer onto two large 10 by 4 meter screens. Four of the projectors were overlaid in two pairs and merged to feed the screens, while the fifth beamed the logo prominently around the auditorium. The content was also produced by HUCOT.

Another company, Synot Tip, the main sponsor of this year’s festival, staged a party at the University library with the visual design once again from HUCOT, which provided content for  projections from five Robe DigitalSpot 7000 DTs. The content, including imagery from ancient Rome, was mapped onto the glass brick wall in the atrium, covering an area of 30 by 7.5 meters.

Six Robe ColorSpot 1200E AT moving heads were positioned on the first floor balcony on flightcases and used to light the space, adding extra ambience and atmosphere. All lighting fixtures were controlled via an Avolites Pearl console, operated by Václav Ondrousek.

The event concluded with a gala dinner for 2,500 guests at Zlin’s Film Studios, high on a hill in the city’s Kudlov neighborhood – which is also the Filmová Škola Zlín – one of two film schools in Zlin. There, the Robe team worked to enhance the room’s architecture with lighting and subtle, slowly-shifting looks throughout the dinner and after-party.

Inside the main building, the space was lit with four Anolis ArcLine multi-chip units, four ArcSource 96s and four ArcSource 48s. In the garden, a selection of trees and foliage were lit with an additional four ArcPad 96s. The exterior of the building was lit with a Robe CitySkape Xtreme and three Anolis ArcPad Xtremes, which highlighted the area immediately around the Studios.

“This year’s festival graphics and visuals were very colorful and funny,” Jiri Baros noted. “We wanted to reinforce this identity with the best of what Robe and Anolis lighting and digital products have to offer – helping to create a colorful, interesting, stimulating and bohemian atmosphere. The Final Party was a real challenge for us, and the result was amazing. The venue was completely transformed from last year, people felt very comfortable and were having such a great time that many did not leave until sunrise.”

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