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MTN SHOP Gains Distribution Rights for Xenon Fever Defense

PLSN Staff • On the Move • September 23, 2020

WILKES-BARRE, PA- With restaurants, hotels, businesses and public amenities beginning to reopen across the US, temperature testing has become a mandatory requirement to protect against Covid-19. In an effort to support the protection of our customers and reopen safely, Mountain Productions’ Global E-Commerce platform MTN SHOP has introduced new Fever Defense technology.

More details from MTN SHOP (

The Xenon Fever Defense is a standalone facial temperature screening solution that can screen users in less than one second, helping to avoid congestion at busy entrances. This system can capture early signs of fever and provides an accurate reading to +/- 0.54°F. Upon reading of the temperature, this stop-go system alerts an individual of their result via a red or green light. Should a user have an elevated temperature, an audible message and warning alarm will sound.

With its sleek and unobtrusive build, along with its ability to operate without the use of WIFI or an Internet connection, this device can be installed in almost any public setting. To date, the Xenon Fever Defense has been installed at companies and organizations across a number of different industries in the US and European markets. Such industries include construction sites, hotels, offices, schools, retail outlets and the education sector.

With three locations across North America in PA, FL, CA and an EMEA base in Dublin, Ireland, MTN SHOP is dedicated to providing these new thermal technologies to support the reopening of our valued customers across the globe. To learn more visit or for international customers.


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