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Mumja Club Reopens with MAC 250 Beam, smartMAC Fixtures

PLSN Staff • On the Move • February 24, 2010

TIRANA, Albania – Mumja Club, a 600-capacity club featuring an international roster of DJs and live music performances, reopened recently with new lighting gear including MAC 250 Beam and smartMAC moving heads from Martin Professional. Martin's Albanian distributor, Prosound Shpk, supplied the new fixtures, and also a Magnum 1200 fogger and a PC-based LightJockey system for lighting control. Armand Dosti of Prosound came up with the lighting design.


"The club wanted high quality lighting but something other than the usual moving heads, so we suggested the MAC 250 Beam, which has very good aerial effects," said sales manager Kliton Gjika of Prosound. "It can also be used to highlight the live bands using the fixture's frost effect."


"The 250 Beam has a great output and an amazing impact for a 250 watt bulb," Gjika added. "And maintenance is low for both the smartMACs and the Beams." The graphics from the smartMACs, which are used for background light and effects, are an attractive complement to the Beam fixtures. All the moving heads are located four meters above the dance floor.


"The lights have performed as expected with no problems at all," Gjika noted. "The investor, Andro Buxhuku, is happy with the fixtures and realizes that the Beams and smartMACs are a wonderful combination for the club."


The manager of the club, Florian Cara, also expected to use the Beam fixtures for the summer club, Folie, which will be ready for the season in April.


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