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Compulite Vector Violet and Vector Ultra Violet consoles

PLSN Staff • Product News • September 24, 2009

Compulite’s Vector Violet and Ultra Violet consoles, introduced at PLASA 09, were designed in response to requests from touring lighting designers and venues for compact dimensions without skimping on power or functionality.

The Violet provides a full array of programming features of other Compulite consoles and includes an embedded 7-inch touch screen, an available flip-down 15.4-inch screen, video server support, effects programming, matrix programming, graphical color, gobo and video pickers, two Ethernet networks for remotes, wings, and multi-user clients, and ample port counts.

Other features include 2048 standard or 4096 (optional) outputs, p to 200 active playbacks, 100mm A/B “Theatre Style” dipless or split cross fader, 20 playback faders, 20 Q-keys playbacks, two different types of programming syntax: Enter or Action completes, two operational modes: Tracking or Traditional Compulite, customizable displays, TOPO display, advanced color programming for CMY/RGB values, Gobo, Color, and Media graphical pickers, multimedia capabilities, image, audio and text file attachment to show objects, show import from 4D family, Sabre & via ASCII show files, Matrix programming, full tracking backup, Compulite VC’s, ACN, ArtNet protocols, and offline editor PC software.


The Ultra Violet, pictured here, also has an Integrated 15.4" TFT wide touch monitor with dimmable LED Strip work lights.

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