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January 2022 Buyer’s Guide | Truss Products

Michael S. Eddy • Product News • January 10, 2022

PLSN’s Buyer’s Guide for the Jan. 2022 issue focuses on truss products. While most manufacturers produce 12” and 20.5” box truss, connections and weight loads vary from truss to truss, and some offer design variations for varying requirements. We encourage you to go to each company’s websites to see what other truss and associated products they have available. Here are 14 truss products submitted from a range of manufacturers so that you can do some comparisons on products you might be considering. NOTE: The listings include abbreviations for Maximum Uniform Load and Maximum Center Uniform Load data; they appear here as MUL and MCUL, respectively.

Here’s a bonus 15th truss product that came in after we went to print from Trusst:

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