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July 2008

PLSN Staff • Product News • July 15, 2008

Clay Paky Alpha 300 Series

Clay Paky has introduced four compact 300-watt moving yoke projectors: Alpha Beam 300, Alpha Spot HPE 300, Alpha Spot 300 and Alpha Wash 300 washlight. Alpha Beam 300 pro-duces a parallel beam, similar to that of an ACL. Alpha Spot HPE 300 features zoom, CMY, 8+1 color wheel, 15 gobos, morphing effect, rotating prism, frost, dimmer on dedicated channel, iris and strobe. Alpha Spot 300 features two 8+1 color wheels, 15 gobos, morphing effect, rotating prism, dimmer on dedicated channel and strobe. Alpha Wash 300 features CMY color mixing and 8+1 color wheel, two levels of frost, dimmer on dedicated channel and strobe.
PRG Distribution • 702.942.4772 •




Apollo MXR Color Mixing Scroller

Apollo Design Technology, Inc. has launched the MXR, a two-string color mixing scroller. The scroller mixes two gel strings to vary the hue and saturation, offering hundreds of differ-ent colors. In addition, the primary additive colors red, green, blue and indigo have been added to the ends of the gel strings. The unit has a 9” front aperture and a 7.5” rear aperture. It uses four direct-drive motors and a cooling fan with variable speed, which can be controlled from the console or as a preset. The 12.75”w x 13.125”h x 3.75”d scroller weighs 7 pounds and retails for $985.
Apollo Design Technology, Inc. • 219.497.9191 •






ETC Paradigm Lighting Control

ETC’s new Paradigm is part of the Unison family of products and combines architectural lighting functions with the capabilities of entertainment lighting control. Paradigm offers facil-ity lighting and building systems integration, including daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing and time-based controls for energy savings. Paradigm’s LightDesigner software allows you to program endless looks or design elaborate events. Paradigm is a comprehensive solution for hotels, casinos, centers of higher learning, museums, houses of worship, office buildings and conference centers. Other Unison news: SmartLink, ETC’s budget-friendly architectural-lighting control line, is now available as an option in the Unison DRd dimming enclosure.
Electronic Theatre Controls • 800.688.4116 •





Hall Stage DMX Curtain Controller

Hall Stage is launching a DMX interface for variable speed curtain control. It is available as a stock option fitted from the factory or as a retro-fit module for existing DGH owners. Repli-cating all normal functions of the standard unit, the DMX card can initiate open/close/speed selection from the console. It has two Neutrik 5-pin XLR connectors and the base address is set by three rotary switches. The unit is available from Hall Stage North America fitted to 110V units. The DMX DGH comes in 10m and 20m travel options, with custom units available for drapes up to 100m wide.
Hall Stage • 416.619.4934 •





Johnson Systems Simplicity Series

Johnson Systems Inc. has introduced the Simplicity Series of receptacle plates, modules and adaptor plates. Simplicity Series products are available with a black or white finish in 1-gang through 6-gang versions and up to six inputs for XLR receptacles or RJ-45 receptacles. The single-gang plate can have one or two inputs and the two-gang plate can have two or four in-puts. The XLR inputs can be 3-pin, 4-pin, or 5-pin male or female. Each plate can be configured by the factory. Also available are adaptor plates which can be used to install smaller controls into larger electrical junction boxes.
Johnson Systems Inc. • (403) 287-8003 •






Lightronics AR-1202RTC Wireless

The Lightronics AR1202RTC Architectural Dimmer is now available in a wireless version. The Wireless DMX includes 16 universes of 512 DMX channels, real-time FHSS TDMA commu-nication and an 83 channel-hopping 2.45GHz band. The wireless range is 1,400 feet inside and 4,000 feet outside, and the unit can transmit through structures. The unit features a pro-grammable calendar/clock that enables the user to attach scenes to date and time commands. Integration via RS-232/485 allows users of popular touch panels and remote stations to interface with the architectural dimming functions of the AR-1202RTC. Lightronics AR-1202RTC Wireless is covered by a five year warranty.
Lightronics • 800.472.8541 •







Elation DLED 108IP

Elation Professional’s Design LED 108IP color-changing luminaires are built for outdoor use with an IP-rating of IP65.  Housed in a dust- and weather-resistant case, they can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor venues. They each have 36 3-watt Luxeon K2 LEDs (12 red, 12 green, 12 blue) and can be used for linear RGB color mixing. There are six built-in pro-grams with speed control, variable speed strobe effects and linear or standard dimming options. The units can be controlled via DMX or in stand-alone mode. They each measure 8.8” x 8” x 10.8” and weigh 15.2 pounds.
Elation Professional • 866.245.6726 •






High End Systems ShowPix

High End Systems introduces ShowPix, a combination LED wash light and graphic image-displaying fixture that represents the first in HES’ new product line of Pixelation Luminaires. The unit’s 18-inch diameter head features a circular array of 127 homogenous 3-watt LEDs with an output of 24,000 RGB lumens. These pixels offer a wide range of visual possibilities by projecting washes of color, images and other effects. The fixture comes equipped with a PixelArt collection of custom created media files and images designed specifically for the prod-uct. Files and images can also be uploaded through the new HES Echo software.
High End Systems, Inc. • 512.836.2242 •





Strand System Builder Version 2.1

Version 2.1 of Strand System Builder is now available as a free download from the Strand Lighting Web site. Strand System Builder is a lighting controls tool that facilitates design and specification of Strand Lighting control products. The program guides users step-by-step through the process of selecting the right lighting control solution. Strand System Builder version 2.1 is primarily intended to add, build and specify systems with the r21 Powered Raceway product, which replaces a conventional dimmer rack and connector strip system with a single lightweight device. Raceway dimmers utilize Strand Lighting’s patented IGBT dimming technology.
Strand Lighting • 714.230.8200 •







Zero 88 Phantom Jester

Zero 88 is launching Phantom Jester to aid with pre-programming and training on the Jester line of consoles. It allows users to manipulate an emulated desk on a PC and view the monitor outputs without a real desk. Show files can be interchanged with the desk using a standard USB memory stick. Every software function of the desk is emulated, including Online Help. The launch of Phantom Jester coincides with the release of version 2 software for the Jester ML range, which includes additional pages of submasters, improved DMX In capabilities and improved monitor screens. Version 3.1 for the Jester range has also been made available.
A.C.T   Lighting • 818.707.0884 •




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