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New Products

PLSN Staff • Product News • April 10, 2008

American DJ’s Quad Gem DMX

American DJ’s new Quad Gem DMX is a four-lens effect with 224 red, green, blue and white LEDs configured in groups of 56 per lens. The LEDs project four moonflower ef-fects from a single unit. The highly portable, DMX compatible unit was designed for DJs and clubs. It consumes 20 watts of power and the LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours. The Quad Gem DMX features 12 built-in programs, fast to slow strobing, and 0 to 100 percent electronic dimming.  It can be operated in three modes: sound active, DMX, or with American DJ’s UC3 optional universal controller, sold separately. 

American DJ • 800.322.6337 •


 Design & Drafting LD Assistant 08

Design & Drafting has recently released the latest version of LD Assistant ’08 with built-in rendering, XREF, real time video play back and other new features, including photometric lights, IES library files, content library, 64 universe visualizer, camera preview, simplified animation and more.  The photometric lights feature uses IES files to profile photometric values to define lights as they would perform in the real world. Altman, ETC, Color Kinetics, Martin Professional, James Thomas Engineering and GE Light IES files are included, as well as incandes-cent, halogen, high and low pressure sodium, fluorescents, mercury vapor, and more.

Design & Drafting • 708.499.0107 •


 Flying Pig Systems New Road Hog Wings

High End Systems has released new Road Hog Programming and Playback Wings for Wholehog control systems including the Wholehog 3, Road Hog Full Boar, Hog iPC and Hog 3PC.  The new wings include a programming or playback surface, 12-inch color touch screen, blue LED marker lights and a DMX output expansion slot. The wings can be expanded to output four universes of DMX when used with a PC-based Wholehog product. HES also announced that all new network-capable consoles will now include a trial edition of ESP Vision and VectorWorks Spotlight + RenderWorks visualizer and CAD software combination.
High End Systems, Inc. • 512.836.2242 •


Le Maitre G3000

The new G3000 Fog Effects Generator from Le Maitre Special Effects, Inc. is powered by a 2000-watt dual core heating block using Le Maitre’s Rapid Change Tech-nology with continuous output. Features include Low
Fluid Detection, LSG Compatibility, DMX, RDM Ready, and a Detachable Digital Remote. The stainless-steel body is 25.375 inches long, 10.5 inches wide and 10.625 inches high. It houses a one-gallon fluid holder, and weighs 52 pounds when empty.

Le Maitre Special Effects, Inc. • 800.388.0617 •


Lightronics Ellipsoidals

Lightronics has begun offering ellipsoidals available in 10°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° beam spreads.  They are equipped with variable focus and the housing is made from die-cast alumi-num. The handles are insulated, and gel frames and gobo holders are included.  They are available in black or white finish and are covered by a two year warranty.  

Lightronics, Inc. • 800.472.8541 •


Martin MAC 2000 Wash XB

Martin Professional has introduced the 1500-watt MAC 2000 Wash XB. A 1500-watt Osram lamp enables an output of over 60,000 lumens, depending on the lens option used, which is 40 percent brighter than the MAC 2000 Wash. A new electronic ballast offers hot lamp re-strike and flicker-free operation. Features include two four-position (plus open) interchangeable color wheels, a continuously variable color correction system, a motorized zoom with four lens options and dimming and strobe effects. An up-grade kit with 1500W lamp, socket, ballast, starter, heat filter, color mixing flags, cover plates and fans is available to convert existing MAC 2000 Wash fixtures to the XB.
Martin Professional • 954.858.1800 •


Milos MR5 Roof

Milos’ new MR5 Roof is their largest roof system to date and builds on their MR3 Roofs. It utilizes Milos’ M950 QuickTruss in combination with six MT3 towers. Maximum di-mensions are 91.2 feet wide by 58.4 feet deep by 44.3 feet high. The maximum load is 15 metric tons. The MR5 Roof is available in Quatro and in compact folding versions as well as a variety of standard lengths between 1 and 3 meters. Milos QuickTruss technology is fitted together using conical connectors, tapered pins, and R-Clips and can be as-sembled with a mallet. The MR5 is supplied with roof canopy, safety wires and helper tool. Side skins or nets are optional
Milos America • 800.411.0065 •


Neutrik 32 Amp Powercon

Neutrik has introduced an enhanced version of its 32 amp PowerCon connectors for high-power distribution systems. The locking three-conductor AC connector sys-tem has contacts for line, neutral and pre-mating ground. The system consists of two connectors: a chassis receptacle and an in-line cable connector with locking mecha-nism. PowerCon can be used as a power supply interface for industrial applications and has the advantage of a secure locking system. The connectors fulfill all current UL safety standards and are UL recognized. The PowerCon is a connector without breaking capacity, and should not be connected or disconnected under load or live situa-tions.

Neutrik USA • 732.901.9488 •


RC4 W-DIM with W-DMX

RC4 Wireless has launched a new W-DMX-enabled product line called W-DIM.  The products bring W-DMX connectivity to a complete system for low voltage bat-tery operated lighting, motors, and more. The first product operates from 6V to 30VDC and provides four outputs of 200 watts each in a compact package. W-DIM uses a switching power supply and high-frequency PWM dimming resulting in minimal heat and power loss with thermal and overload protection. Under most fault conditions individual dimmers will disable themselves until the problem is corrected. W-DMX technology uses Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum to avoid interference.
RC4 • 886.258.4577 •


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