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New Products

PLSN Staff • Product News • June 10, 2008

American DJ Accu Series

American DJ’s Accu Series now has two new LED-powered moving heads — the Accu Spot 250 Hybrid, shown here on top, and the Accu LED MH. The Accu Spot 250 Hybrid com-bines a 250W discharge lamp with nine 1-watt LEDs (3 red, 3 green, 3 blue). Features include seven replaceable rotating gobos plus spot (two dichroic glass gobos), nine colors plus white, sound active mode with built-in programs, RDMX remote DMX addressing, auto X-Y repositioning, 360° pan/ 265° tilt and a four-button menu system.  It has a beam angle of 15° with an optional 18° beam angle (sold separately). The MSRP is $1,399.95.  The nine-DMX channel Accu LED MH is a moving head with 69 red, green and blue LED beams that produce an output similar to a 250W halogen lamp, while consuming less power. Its MSRP is $999.95.
American DJ • 800.322.6337 •



Elation ELED Tri-64B Par Can

Elation’s new ELED Tri-64B PAR Can is a DMX-compatible tri-color RGB LED color mixing fixture. It features 18 tri-color LEDs, each with three different-colored 1-watt LEDs — red, green and blue — which eliminate multi-color shadows. It draws 70 watts and the LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours. The fixture provides flicker-free operation and six built-in programs plus 35 color macros, which can be run in one of six DMX modes: 1-channel mode, 2-channel mode, 3-channel mode, 4-channel mode, 6-channel mode or 7-channel mode.  It can also be operated without a controller in three additional modes: Sound Active Mode, Macro Mode, or Auto Mode.  
Elation Professional • 866.245.6726 •


ETC Congo v5 Software

ETC has released a new software version for their Congo and Congo jr lighting control consoles: Congo v5. Version 5.0 introduces a new effects package, new graphics and handling, better editing tools and more functions and accessories. New v5 functions create effects like the new chase effect for intensity effects, dynamic effect, and content effect for complex effects using groups, palettes, and presets. The new effects playbacks handle all of these effects, and the new version also updates the underlying graphics handling for improved speed in channel layout views and better display within tables.
ETC • 800.688.4116 •




Eye Lighting Cera Arc Natural Red Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp

Eye Lighting’s new Cera Arc Natural Red ceramic metal halide lamp is a High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp with a 92 color rendering index (CRI) and R9 red rendition value up to 90. It represents the color red and other hues, such as greens, blues and whites, with greater accuracy. It is available in tubular, compact 70-watt or 150-watt models, and it provides up to 90 lumens per watt with light output at the end-of-lamp-life up to 70 percent of initial lumens.
Eye Lighting International of North America, Inc. • 888.665.2677 •


Gerriets “The Wall” Decorative Wall Covering

Gerriets, the theatrical systems and event equipment specialist, introduces its decorative wall covering, “The Wall.” The decorative applications are available in Brick or Rock versions. Brick has a realistic brick wall look, while Rock imitates a quarry stone wall.  The decorative wall covering is made from Neopor, a lightweight, newly developed Styrofoam. Customized painting of all panels is done on site with standard scenic paint. The Wall is made from flame retardant material (DIN 4102 B1), can be mounted quickly and easily and can be reused sev-eral times. It has been used for many TV and stage productions.
Gerriets International • 800-369-3695 •




Light Converse Visualization Software

Light Converse, a real-time, photo-realistic, 3D visualization software with optional on-board controller has been updated with a quality rendering engine with up to a 200 percent per-formance boost for light and camera movements, transparent surfaces lighting,  high-resolution Showgun visualization, 3D visualization of Pangolin Laser’s Ethernet stream and a speed boost for rendering large quantities of same-type objects. Further improvements include a wide screen optimized GUI with increased 3D window size, the ability to work in imperial or metric measurements, additional fixtures, trusses and people for database libraries and ArtNet-II compatibility.
AtFull Lighting • 866.922.9088 •


LightFactory Version 1.3.2

Dream Solutions is now shipping version 1.3.2 LightFactory, a PC-based lighting control system. Enhancements include full tracking backup function, ability for one LightFactory system to control others, ability to set a master fade override for channel groups, magic update automatic updates of palettes when updating a cue,  property/attribute effects which can now support out-of-order fixtures, media effects which can now play more than one audio file at simultaneously, the addition of generic color palettes, the addition of auto creation of CYM and Color Wheel chases, enhanced effects playbacks, a new “copy” button in the channel display, bi-directional communication with Light Converse visualizer and full capture (CITP) auto focus features.
Stage Research • 650.488.4864 •




Renaissance Lighting Solid-State LED Downlight

Renaissance Lighting’s solid-state LED downlight incorporates a circular array of LEDs at the perimeter of an integrating dome inside each fixture. The lights are available in RGB or white LEDs with a correlated color temperature of 3000K or 4100K. The optical design combines light uniformly before exiting the luminaire in glare-free fashion. A light-sensing feed-back system continually monitors and adjusts each luminaire to factory-calibrated color standards to ensure fixture-to-fixture consistency and light quality throughout the 50,000- to 70,000-hour life of the product. The RGB and white LED downlights are available in 4-inch and 6-inch aperture formats.
Renaissance Lighting • 703.707.2407 •



Ocean Optics SeaChanger Studio Dichroics

Ocean Optics has added the new Studio Dichroics Series CYMG hexachromic color changer to their of SeaChanger line. The four-filter CYMG color engine attaches to the reflector housing of any ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal and uses dichroic filter technology to create a wide variety of color-stable, reproducible hues. Color transitions from clear to 100 percent satu-ration are possible in less than one second. The SeaChanger Studio puts an emphasis on deeper blues and truer reds for in-studio and broadcast applications. The self-contained unit has an internal power supply and is controlled via 4-channels of DMX or from its three-digit LCD front panel display.
Ocean Optics • 727.545.0741 •




Wysiwyg R22

Cast Software’s Wysiwyg version R22, a free download for WYSIWYG members,  features new 3D beams and other upgrades. Replacing each part of the live beam simulation over two releases, R22 also features softer beams, enhanced flares, color mixing and animated smoke. Look for the enhanced 3D primitives, new cones on the draw menu, improvements to cylinders and spheres and changes to the user interface. More under-the-hood architectural upgrades and advancements to the user interface are due later this year.

Cast Software • 877-989-2278 •

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