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New Products for April

PLSN Staff • Product News • April 11, 2006

ADJ Blinders.jpgAmerican DJ P36 LED Blinder/P64 LED Blinder
American DJ’s P36 LED Blinder and P64 LED Blinder combine multiple LED fixtures onto one unit. The P36 LED Blinder comprises eight P36 LED pinspots, while the P64 LED Blinder has four P64 LED PARs. They can be set up either on the floor or mounted on American DJ’s LTS-6 lighting stand. The RGB color-mixing fixtures have low power consumption, long life, produce little heat and are DMX-compatible; they can operate with any DMX-512 controller. Both units offer direct DMX connection with no external components required. The MSRP of the P36 LED Blinder is $799.95 and the P64 LED Blinder is $999.95.

American DJ • 800.322.6337 •

ChainMaster Manual Hoist Controller

ChainMaster’s new manual controller is capable of operating up to 48 chain hoists. With the remote control, which is equipped with a 5.7-inch touchscreen, it is possible to program runs as well as display individual positions and loads. It can also be used to shut down a group of motors in the event the synchronicity tolerance has been exceeded, the target position is overshot, the direction of rotation is incorrect or an overload or slack chain condition occurs. Compatibility with the computerized controllers for larger systems is guaranteed. Distributed in North America by Show Distribution.

Show Distribution • 877.632.6622 •

Hog 3PC_fullscreen.jpgHigh End Systems Hog 3PC
High End Systems released the Hog 3PC application software as well as updated software for the Wholehog 3 lighting console. The Hog 3PC software transfers the technology of the Wholehog 3 console to personal computers as well as to the Hog iPC console. The free software can be downloaded from Show files are compatible between Hog 3PC, Hog iPC and the Wholehog 3 console, thus providing off-line, backup and networking abilities between the various systems. Existing USB DMX Widgets using Hog 2PC can be upgraded to Hog 3PC and it will function with both Hog 3PC and Hog 2PC.

High End Systems • 800.890.8989 •

ColorSchedule.jpgLighting Paperwork System V1.3.1
zBlueSoftware and Rosco announced the release of LPS Network version 1.3.1, which is a significant update to LPS. It incorporates many new features, as well as many improvements to file size, structure and application speed. Additions to the instrument library include the Selecon Lighting Instrument library. The LPS Editor application has also been upgraded to support the new file formats and to include some new functionality. The upgrade is free to all users. For more information about LPS, full demo downloads, LPS Editor downloads and LPS Mobile downloads. visit

Rosco • 800.767.2669 •

RC4.jpgRC4 Wireless Motion Products
RC4 Wireless’ new series of RC4 receivers with built-in motor controllers are intended for motorized props and set pieces of all kinds. The RX4-FD friction-drive controller directly connects to two DC motors and responds to RC4 Wireless control channels for speed, steer and direction. A DC drive on each side of the piece allows it to steer like an electric wheelchair. Steering all the way to either extreme will spin the piece on center. Outputs are also provided for optional brakes. All drivers are protected against overheating and overloading, and operate from 8V to 30VDC. Information about related products available on the Web site.

RC4 Wireless Dimming • 866.258.4577 •

Road Ready.jpgRoad Ready Utility Cases
Road Ready Cases’ new line of utility drawer cases has been designed for storage and transport of any accessory. Each of the five utility drawer cases features a cover to keep everything snug during transport, as well as 3-½-inch casters for mobility. The RRD12UC features four drawers; one 4U drawer with adjustable dividers, two 3U drawers and one 2U drawer. MSRP is $1,099.99. Features include stackable ball corners, double anchor industrial rivets, recessed industrial-grade latches, recessed spring-loaded handles, 3/8-inch vinyl-laminated plywood, tongue and groove locking fit, 3-1/2-inch casters, ATA 300 rating and a limited lifetime warranty.

Road Ready Cases • 562.906.6185 •

Southco E5.jpgSouthco E5 Stainless Steel Latches
Southco’s new E5 industrial series fixed grip cam latches offer 1/4-turn opening convenience in corrosion-resistant 304 SS and 316 SS grades. Each latch features an internal O-ring and an external sealing washer to meet NEMA 4 and IP-66 performance standards for wet, outdoor or hose-down applications. The latches have been tested to a minimum of 10,000 cycles and 500 hours of exposure to salt-fog spray. The availability of these latches in 316 stainless steel grade provides extra corrosion resistance, aesthetics and robustness. The tool-actuated latches present a profile of 5mm (.20 inches) above the mounting surface for minimal protrusion.

Southco • 610.459.4000 •

Vision 2 Screen Shot.bmpZZYZX Vision 2.0
Zzyzx’s general release of Vision 2.0 focuses its attention on user-interactive capabilities while further enhancing realism. Features include the ability to merge multiple components from different sources, including Max, Viz, Vectorworks and 3DS file formats. Components can be moved, scaled, rotated and positioned, and lighting instruments can be added directly into any scene. Patch information can be assigned, adjusted, exported to Excel or printed. Moving truss, set pieces and other components have been added. The ability to modify textures and effects placed on any surface allows the simulation of LED curtains, tiled LEDs, water, reflective surfaces, etc. All current ESP Vision 1.1 users with active subscriptions can upgrade to Vision 2.0 at no charge.

Zzyzx, Inc. • 702.492.6923 •

OPTOTE~1.JPGOpto Technology Endura Bright MR-16 LED
Opto Technology’s new LED-based MR-16 lamp utilizes the highest output LEDs available on the market. The Endura Bright Series LED lamps are pin-for-pin compatible with current MR-16 tungsten halogens. They offer up to 120 lumens with more than 2,200 candelas with a beam spread of 10º, and are available in a variety of colors, including white, warm white, red, amber, green, cyan, blue and royal blue. The lamps also include an optical lens system to direct the light and an optimized thermal heat sink designed to handle indoor or outdoor temperatures (-20ºC to 50ºC). The unit price for 10-piece quantities in any color is $35.09.

Opto Technology, Inc. • 847.537.4277 •

ETA Power Conditioner.jpgETA Systems Conditioned Power Center
ETA Systems first three-phase power conditioner, the Conditioned Power Center, is available in sizes from 10 kVA to 300kVA to supply clean, isolated, conditioned power for an entire room full of equipment racks. Each conditioner can reduce a 6,000-volt surge to less than 10 volts hot to neutral and less than .5 volts neutral to ground. Standard equipment includes safety interlocks, casters, and lockout/tagout breaker.

ETA Systems • 330.677.4424 •

newproductsphotoaddition.jpgCapture 2005 LT-Light Edition
Capture Sweden settled an agreement with LT-Light to launch the new Capture 2005 LT-Light Edition. LTLight is bundling the Capture 2005 LT-Light Edition with their new Hydra Space, Hydra Sky and Hydra Spirit consoles. The LT-Light Edition is a full Capture 2005 Basic Edition, limited to operation only when connected to an LT-Light console. At a price of 750€, it can be upgraded to the regular 2005 Basic Edition, after which it is also possible to upgrade to the Extended Edition. Upgrades can be purchased from any of Capture Sweden’s resellers.

Capture Americas • 800.952.1287 •

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