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New Products for August 2006

PLSN Staff • Product News • August 16, 2006

ROBE ColorSpot 2500E AT.jpgRobe ColorSpot 2500E AT
Robe Show Lighting’s new ColorSpot 2500E AT is Robe’s most powerful moving light fixture to date. It features an MSR Gold 1200 SA/SE FastFit lamp with a 1400W electronic ballast, a parabolic glass reflector, focus lens, multi-step zoom lens (10°–30°), anti-reflection coating, a CMY color mixing system with 63 color macros, color correction from 5600 to 3200K, a color wheel with four dichroic filters, a UV filter, a 6000K filter and white, two gobo wheels, an effects wheel with 3- and 5-faceted prisms and 2 glass effects, a 1-15 FPS variable speed strobe, iris and frost.

Robe America • 954.615.9100 •

ADJ Jet Stream.jpgAmerican DJ Jet Stream Fogger
American DJ’s new Jet Stream Fogger shoots smoke straight up in the air, creating a cloud of fog that settles from the ceiling to the floor. The 1,300-watt machine outputs 7,000 cubic feet per minute after a 5-minute warm up. It operates on standard fog juice and includes a 4-liter removable fluid tank. Control is by standard DMX-512 or by the supplied Timer Remote. DMX operation allows control of the output rate, while the Timer Remote adjusts duration, output and interval. The unit measures 11.5”L (295mm) x 11.5”W (295mm) x 7.5” (190mm) H and weighs 16 lbs. (7 kg). The retail price is $239.95.

American DJ • 800.322.6337 •

ColorBankLED.jpgChauvet Colorbank LED Wash System
Chauvet’s Colorbank LED is the first LED-fitted striplight fixture in the Color Bank™ line of wash lights. Unlike its three-halogen predecessors, this wash light is fitted with 304 long-life diodes housed in four pods with RGB mixing. It is DMX-512 programmable and the diodes offer the advantage of low power consumption and low heat emission. Multiple units can be daisychained and you can trigger built-in color change programs as well as chase and fade functions via DMX and in master/slave mode. All functions,
including full RGB mixing, can be also performed on stand-alone. Units are simply attached with a bracket that is included.

Chauvet Lighting • 800.762.1084 •

LaminaCeramicsTitan.jpgLamina Ceramics Titan LED Light Engine
Lamina Ceramics recently launched the Titan 3000K, 25-watt warm white LED light engine. They are also available in RGB and “daylight” white models. At greater than 1,200 lumens, the Titan daylight white model is competitive with compact fluorescent bulbs—although Titan’s 60-degree projection angle eliminates the need for the reflectors required in fluorescent applications. Titan white, at 4700K, is ideal for architectural and office lighting applications, task lamps, machine vision and high-powered flashlights. The 800 lumen output Titan RGB LED light engine produces any of 16 million saturated and blended colors (including white with variable color temperature) from a single point source.

Lamina Ceramics, Inc. • 800.808.5822 •

tbl3xxCLEARLIGHTSTRIP.jpgLEDtronics TBL3xxF Series LEDs
LEDtronics’ new TBL3xxF series are sealed tube LED light strips that come in a milky frosted lens providing diffused illumination for many applications.
The tubes are housed in UV-resistant polycarbonate and come in 6”, 12”, 24”, and 48” lengths in 6000K “Pure White” and 3000K Warm White operating at 12V. Both whites use .96 watts for the 6” model, 2.16 watts for 12”, 3.84 watts for 24”, and 7.68 watts for 48” lengths. Pure white 6000K LEDs give off 52 Lumens at 6” lengths, 116 Lumens at 12”, 206 Lumens at 24”, and 413 Lumens at 48” sizes.

LEDtronics • 800.579.4875 •

Leprecon AI-512.jpgLeprecon AI-512 Litescape Interface
The AI-512 Litescape Architectural Interface from Leprecon enables wall panels from the Litescape system to work with Leprecon MX and VX series or DMX-512 controlled dimmers. Housed in a 2RU chassis, the unit is equipped with DMX In/Out, an Ethernet connection for programming via a laptop, dual RJ connectors for connecting remote wall panels, and a USB port for show storage and software uploads. The software allows any system to be configured and programmed via a web browser. Features include DMX snapshots, DMX merge with the control console, and a real time status display for set up and configuration.

Leprecon LLC • 810.231.9373 •

PLSN-0806-NewProd.jpgMatthews Studio Equipment Colornett Fabrics
Matthews Studio Equipment’s new Colornett group of fabrics, available in both gold and silver, create shifts in color temperature and diffuse light as it passes through the fabric. A single gold Colornett will lower the color temperature of the source by 400 degrees and a double will lower it by 600
degrees, while a single silver Colornett will raise the color temperature by 200 degrees and a double will raise it by 350 degrees. Light loss is .4 stops for a single and .8 stops for a double. Available in standard overhead sizes as well as custom sizes up to 30’x100’.

Matthews Studio Equipment • 818.843.6715 •

MAC 700 Wash.jpgMartin MAC 700 Wash
The new MAC 700 Wash from Martin is the companion wash light to the MAC 700 Profile. The wash is a 700-watt Fresnel with a shortarc lamp, electronic ballast, CMY color mixing, variable CTC, 8 position color wheel, variable zoom from 12.5° to 66°, continuous and indexable beam shaper, and dimmer. It is housed in the same modular design as the MAC 700 Profile, with multi-connectors and spring-loaded release mechanisms that allow removal and insertion of modules without tools. A multi-position tilt lock keeps the head from moving during transportation and a low-speed cooling system reduces noise.

Martin Professional • 954.858.1800 •

Georgia Case Lift.jpgGeorgia Case Company Electric Lift
The new plasma electric lift from Georgia Case Company employs an Applied Techno Systems’ electric lift designed specifically for the ATA shipping case. One person can wheel it in, skirt it and hand the remote to the
customer. The lift mechanism extends to seven feet, to which three feet could be added. The case can accommodate any size flat plasma or LCD display from 37”to 60” and it has been load tested to 375 pounds. Includes universal mounting bars and cable management system. A 42” screen raises to full extension in 16 seconds, a 50” raises in 22 seconds.

Georgia Case • 888.422.2737 •

Met3 TC30-75 Beamer.jpgMetropolis TC30-75 Beamer
The TC30-75 “Beamer” 75-watt RGB LED projector from Metropolis AV is a solid-state full color fixture. It comes with standard spreads of 6, 15, 25 and 25 x 6 degrees (letterbox). A large heat sink on the projection head allows passive non-fan cooling of the LEDs. Another heat-reducing factor is that the driver is located in a separate unit. The driver unit connects to the LED projector via an RJ45 plug, and can drive through more than 30 meters of structured Cat5 cable. The unit is capable of DMX512 control and it has a usable life of between 50,000 and 75,000 hours.

Metropolis AV • +44 020 8549 1111 •

sealed   ethercon2.jpg Neutrik Sealed Ethercon
Neutrik now offers an assembly kit for its D-Series EtherCon connectors to achieve a waterproof IP54 connection. The assembly kit is suitable for all Neutrik EtherCon D-Series chassis connectors (NE8FD). An IP54 protection is achieved by replacing the front plate and pushing the lever with the kit components. The NE8MC-1 had been modified several months ago with a
sealing gasket and weatherproof Collinox plating. It is the ideal mate in combination with the SE8FD kit. Neutrik manufactures an array of XLR connectors and receptacles, jacks and plugs, speaker connectors and accessories.

Neutrik USA, Inc. • 732.901.9488 •

DSC_0038.jpg Quik Stage Portable Stage Deck

Quik Stage, based in Blaine, Minn., recently introduced its new Quik Stage Portable Stage series. Although it was specifically designed for the church, school, rental and institutional markets, it can be used in any application. The sections weigh 109 pounds per 4’ x 8’ section, and it uses 6 legs. The design is said to allow the use of less material while maintaining the structural strength required. Accessories including stairs, guardrails, skirting and storage carts are also available. Quik Stage stocks a large inventory
of portable stage decks and accessories ready for immediate delivery.

Quik Stage • 877.783.7373 •

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