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New Products for March

PLSN Staff • Product News • March 16, 2006

S4 14 70 90.jpgETC Enhanced Definition Lens Tubes
ETC is introducing new Source Four field angles, including 14˚, 70˚ and 90˚. The new 14˚ Source Four provides an intermediate-throw field angle to fill the gap between the 10˚ and 19˚ fixtures. Short-throw applications such as blackbox theaters and dance lighting will benefit from the 70˚ and 90˚ Source Fours. The Source Four Enhanced Definition Lens Tube (‘EDLT’) option was introduced at LDI 2005 and will soon be available in 19˚, 26˚, 36˚ and 50˚ field angles. The EDLT enhances gobo projections in both HPL and HID-equipped fixtures.

Electronic Theatre Controls • 800.688.4116 •

TLX-250spot.jpgTechni-Lux Tracker 250 Spot
The new Tracker 250 Spot from Techni-Lux is an automated moving yoke fixture with a stepped zoom system, including beam angles of 15°, 18°, 21°, 24° or 26°. It features seven dichroic colors, five interchangeable, indexable, individually rotating gobos and a third wheel with three static gobos and three dichroic colors for color-mixing and gobo morphing. Other features include a UV blacklight filter, a three-facet prism, shutter, a frost effect, motorized focus, dimming and a digital display for addressing and fixture settings. It comes with a GE CSD250/2 250-watt, 3,000 hour lamp. MSRP is $1,679.

Techni-Lux • 407.857.8770 •

VW12.jpgVectorWorks Version 12.0.1
VectorWorks version 12.0.1 from Nemetschek is a maintenance update for VectorWorks Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Machine Design, Fundamentals and RenderWorks. Free to VectorWorks 12 users, the update adds new center snapping for regular polygons, the ability to display section views in perspective projections, the ability to import SketchUp® architectural elements into VectorWorks Designer, Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight, 3-D image prop support in the Place Plant tool for VectorWorks Landmark and new lighting device capabilities for VectorWorks Spotlight with RenderWorks. To download the update, visit For a nominal fee, the 12.0.1 update is available on CD-ROM or DVD.

Nemetschek North America • 410.290.5114 •

Accu Spot 300.jpgAmerican DJ Accu Spot 300
The American DJ Accu Spot 300 is a 250-watt automated moving yoke fixture with auto focusing via DMX and a rotating three-facet prism with macros. Features include nine colors plus white, seven replaceable rotating gobos
 including two glass gobos, 360° pan and 265° tilt, auto X-Y repositioning, remote DMX addressing and a 15˚ beam angle. The fixture can be operated with a DMX controller, in standalone sound-
active mode or in master-slave mode. It weighs 39 pounds and measures 13.5 by 14 by 19.5 inches. The suggested retail price is $1,499.95.

American DJ • 800.322.6337 •

ARRI X   Ceramic250.jpgArri Ceramic Lighting Technology
Arri’s new Arri X Ceramic 250 and Studio Ceramic 250 employ the Philips ST 250 HR discharge lamp, which produces a 3200°K tungsten-quality light in a long-life package. The Studio Ceramic 250 uses the housing and accessories of the Arri Studio 1K Fresnel. The 7-inch (175mm) lens produces a beam angle of 10° in spot and 57° in flood. Arri X reflector technology and frosted diffusion glass provide even light distribution over a 112° field. Both use a built-in igniter and ballast and consume less than three amps at 120V.

Arri Inc. • 845.353.1400 or 818.841.7070 •

EasyKlip fasteners are constructed of glass-fiber reinforced nylon and provide up to 220 pounds of gripping power for virtually any fabric. The clips provide an instant fixing point where and when you want it, and it works with velour, vinyl, scrim, muslin and meshes. They can be used to temporarily shorten rental drapes or to adjust backdrop heights. The EasyKlip Midi 10-pack in black or white retails for $9.99 and the EasyKlip Midi 250-piece box in black or white retails for $172.50. The clips are distributed by Sew What Inc.

Sew What Inc. • 310.639.6000 •

Martin   Mania EFX600.jpgMartin Mania EFX600
The new Mania EFX600 from Martin Professional is a 150-watt discharge effect light in the Martin Mania series of portable effects. Based on the Wizard Extreme, it features new graphical looks from a combined color and gobo wheel with 12 gobo designs projecting from a rotating and swiveling mirror drum. Other features include strobing, shake function and manual focus. It includes a number of mounting options and it is DMX controllable with built-in macros. The unit is CE-, ETL- and CETL-approved.

Martin Professional • 954.858.1800, 805.581.8001, 702.597.3030 •

RoadFlags.jpg.JPGMatthews Road Flags
Matthews Studio Equipment’s Road Flags are a new, portable lighting control system designed to duplicate studio lighting effects on location or in studio. The 4- by 4-foot (122cm by 122cm) lighting modification system consists of two breakdown easy-to-
assemble frames, a single scrim, silk diffusion and a solid flag in a lightweight case. Matthews has a range of light modification fabrics, including reflective materials, to slip onto the Road Flags frame. A folded flag in a simple airbag can reach shipping destinations quickly and allows the photographer/videographer/cinematographer the ability to create studio lighting effects on any location.

Matthews Studio Equipment • 818.843.6715 •

NEXERA19-26.jpgWybron Nexera LX 19º-26º Profile
Wybron’s new Nexera LX 19º-26º Profile luminaire is part of Wybron’s family of luminaires with a built-in CMY dichroic color mixing. The integral Wybron color mixing module produces a virtually unlimited color palette via CMY subtractive mixing. It features hard-edge illumination in an adjustable field from 19º-26º degrees, a dual-lens system, a compact tungsten 575-watt source and convection cooling system for virtually silent operation. Each unit requires three DMX channels and the system is RDM-compatible. Made in the USA.

Wybron Inc. • 719.548.9774 •

Pelican ELS.jpgPelican Emergency Lighting Station
Pelican™ Products’ new 2480 Emergency Lighting Station (ELS) features a clear polycarbonate case, mounting screws, two-sided tape and photoluminescent decals. The MityLite™ 2440 LED flashlight, secured inside the case with a special clip, sports a durable photoluminescent body that adds another level of instant visibility in a blackout situation. Energizer® e2® Titanium Technology® batteries, which have a seven-year shelf life, are included with the light. Additional features include a five-LED array that projects 21 lumens for up to 90 hours and a tail switch for one-handed operation. Both the ELS and 2440 are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Pelican Products • 310.326.4700 •

Setwear Journeyman.jpgSetWear Journeyman Gloves
New SetWear Journeyman Gloves increase protection without compromising dexterity. The gloves feature durable SureGrip™ panels in the palm, fingertip and saddle area. They are built with 100% breathable synthetic leather with a pre-curved, anatomic design. They are SetWear’s first full-fingered glove with a hook and loop wrist closing system. The two-way stretch padded spandex top help mold the fit.

SetWear • 877.738.9327 •

LitePanels.jpgLitepanels 1×1
The new Litepanels™ 1×1 LED lighting system combines silent, heat-free LED technology with a slimline design. Available in 5600ºK flood or spot and 3200ºK flood models, features include integrated dimming or remote dimming capability. The unit weighs three pounds (1.36kg) and measures 12 by 12 by 1.75 inches (30.5cm by 30.5cm by 4.4 cm). It can be yoke-mounted via standard TVMP receptacle or in multi-panel configurations. The unit runs off a variety of 9-30V sources, including a camera battery or car battery or an external 90-264V AC adapter. Prices start at $1995 list.

Litepanels, Inc. • 818.752.7009 •

LEDtronics MR16.jpgLEDtronics MR16 TrackLED
LEDtronics’ new white MR16 TrackLED™ drop-in replacement lamps are engineered to handle variations in voltage from “noisy” or “dirty” power supplies. They also eliminate the need to stock a variety of MR16s for different voltages from 12V to 24V DC. MR16 TrackLEDs have 42 LEDs with a two-pin base and draw 2.5 watts. They are offered in cool white and incandescent white in four beam angles: narrow (15º to 20º), standard (25º to 30º), medium (40º to 50º) and wide (100º to 120º). The lamps may be ordered in other colors, voltages and beam angles. They have a three-year limited warranty.

LEDtronics • 800.579.4875 •

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