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PLSN Staff • Product News • March 15, 2008

Antari M-5 Fogger


The new Antari M-5 Stage Fogger from Elation Professional is a 1,500-watt fog machine designed for stage and touring applications. Featuring a low-profile rectangular housing, the M-5 Fogger is designed to be unobtrusive. Two handles allow for easy transport and its 10-liter tank provides extended operation. With a warm-up time of eight minutes, the machine can produce 20,000 CFM. The M-5 weighs 33 pounds and includes a timer remote and onboard DMX-512. Optional accessories include a wireless remote and a heavy-duty flight case. Measuring 26”L x 12.5”W x 6.7”H, the Antari M-5 fog machine has a suggested retail price of $799.95.

Elation Professional  •  866.245.6726  •



Apollo GelWraps


Apollo Design Technology, Inc. has introduced Apollo GelWraps, a new way to color fluorescent lights. Unlike sleeves and tubes, GelWraps can be installed without re-moving the fluorescent bulb from the lighting fixture. Scored seams shape the gel into a triangle that allows the filter to be conveniently fed and “locked” around the bulb, reducing labor while safely adding color. Dimensional shipping and storage costs are also minimized as GelWraps are shipped and stored flat.  

Apollo Design Technology, Inc.  •  260.497.9191  •


Chauvet Colorado Panel


The Colorado Panel from Chauvet is a DMX-512 RGBW LED bank system that is capable of operating in 3, 4, or 9 channel modes.  Each operating mode offers a varying level of control over the 48-Luxeon K2, 2-watt LEDs.  Designed for indoor and outdoor applications with a UV-resistant housing (IP66), the unit is available in black or white. Multiple operating modes allow color selection between RGB, HSV (hue, saturation, and value), RGB+W and a 9-channel mode with control over RGBW, ID, dimmer, strobe, macro, auto, custom, and balance.  The Panel is also capable of RGB color mixing without a DMX controller.

Chauvet  •  800.762.1084  •


GE Showbiz CSR575/S/DE/70 Lamp


GE Consumer & Industrial has developed the Showbiz CSR short, double–ended metal halide lamp to fit a new compact fixture produced by Martin Professional. The MAC 575 Krypton comes exclusively with the CSR575/S/DE/70 lamp. The 575–watt lamp features chromised seals that withstand temperatures of 500° Celsius, 750–hour rated life, a color temperature of 7000 Kelvin and a 65–plus CRI. The 7mm arc gap of the lamp enables better optical control for optimized performance. GE offers a family of Showbiz lamps for moving light applications that call for high color temperatures and bright light sources.

GE Lighting  •  800.GE.LIGHT  •



J. R. Clancy SceneControl Hand Held Remote

J. R. Clancy, Inc. has announced the availability of a hand held device that extends the capabilities of the SceneControl automated motion control system to any point in the theatre. SceneControl Hand Held Remote has a six-inch graphic touch screen in two-dimensional color, and 14 function keys that allow the operator to select sets or multiple sets and move them between show-specific soft limits.  From the touch screen, the operator can see and execute the presets and cues that were written on the theatre’s SceneControl 500 console. This allows the operator to run cues from the position that provides the clearest sight lines.

J. R. Clancy  •  800.836.1885  •


Martin SmartMAC


The new SmartMAC from Martin is a 150-watt moving yoke profile luminaire offering fanless thermal management with fewer moving parts and extended service intervals — up to two years with a 9,000-hour lamp, according to the company. A convection cooling system uses the aluminum casing and fins to conduct heat away from the fixture head. Fewer moving parts reduce wear and tear, increase energy efficiency and reduce heat. A field angle of 24.5° allows for a greater projection diameter at shorter distances. The total output is 4,600 lumens with the standard MSD 150/2 lamp (3,000 hours average). A long-life (9,000 hours) CDM 150 lamp is also available.

Martin Professional  •  954.858.1800  •


Strand Light Palette Version 10 Software

Strand Lighting says its newest Light Palette software has become faster, simpler and more intuitive. The Universal Attribute Control brings real-world control to the entire line of desks and allows users to copy attribute information across to any type of fixture. Features include full command line programming and enhanced color control, includ-ing gel manufacturer’s color libraries. The software also offers smart touring options with magic update, directive updates and fixture offset. Users can also take advantage of the software’s partial show loading, 500 series import, ASCII export and Vision.Net support features. The software also features fixture status across a range of cues and more than 100 other enhancements. Palette OS V10 is available for Palette and Light Palette console users.

Strand Lighting  •  714.230.8200  •


VectorWorks Spotlight 2008


VectorWorks Spotlight 2008 provides an array of tools and technology for entertainment and lighting design. The interface helps draft light plots, create scenic and set designs, automate reports and schedules, and visualize design concepts in 3D. New features include a heads-up data display and new view bar, rotatable 2D views, improved beam geometry, the ability to create shutter cuts and improved collaboration features. Drawings, digital images, and graphics can be imported and exported with common file formats such as DXF/DWG and PDF. Models in Spotlight 2008 also can be moved into ESP Vision for visualization and simulation.

Nemtschek North America  •  410.290.5114  •

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