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Pathway Connectivity Releases Pathway eLink Lighting Protocol Converter/Router

PLSN Staff • Product News • October 28, 2020

Pathway Connectivity eLink

CALGARY, AB — As Ethernet data distribution in entertainment and architectural systems becomes more ubiquitous, tools are needed to ensure data from one system is not flooding the network causing unnecessary or insecure traffic.

The Pathway eLink is a PoE-enabled entertainment router, designed to bridge two distinct Local Area Networks, capable of several functions where network isolation and security is a concern. Boasting support for the most popular DMX over Ethernet protocols, the eLink converts, links, merges, prioritizes, holds, fades and much more.

More details from Pathway Connectivity (

Applications using the eLink will include theatres, churches, schools, theme parks, TV studios, touring shows and architectural facades. Where guest consoles are brought into a system, eLink is the solution when isolating the control network is a concern.

“Like many of our products, the eLink was born out of an idea from one of our key customers. They needed the ability to hand-pick a subset of one control system and feed it to a completely different network. Once we built it, we realized how many other applications it has; including the ability to secure 3rd party controllers to take advantage of Pathway’s

‘ssACN’ protocol available on our new Pathports,” said Robert Bell, Pathway Connectivity’s

Director of Product Innovation.

There are numerous examples of features beyond translation between protocols and

adding security which can be found on the website . This product is proving to be very versatile.

Pathway is committed to providing the latest technology to their customers and users. They are excited to introduce the eLink which excels in enforcing good networking practices, making your networks cleaner, faster and more reliable.

For questions about eLink, please contact


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