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Projection Connection: New Products

PLSN Staff • Product News • September 18, 2007

FOR-A’s VPS-715 GINGA switcher contains all the features of the VPS-700 in a 1.5 M/E digital switcher. The VPS-715 includes frame synchronizer for every input, up to 16 SD inputs and outputs, six keyers and six channels of 3D DVE.  It has a large control panel, consisting of 16 primary input buttons: PST/PGM (Preview/Program) BUS, ME (MIX/EFFECT) BUS, KEY/FILL BUS, AUX BUS and function keys. A newly added feature on the VPS-715 is its VPS-70FR flash recorder option which allows 120 seconds of uncompressed video recording and provides two channels (Key/Fill) with simultaneous playback for video insert, CG wipe or slow motion playback. The switcher’s fader link function allows for manual playback control as well. The VPS-715 is equipped with redundant power supplies for the MU and OU as standard.  As an option on the VPS-715, users can add 2D DVE in every input, delivering up to 32 DVE channels and total flexibility for multisource productions. It supports the 525/60 and 625/50 standard definition formats.
FOR-A • +44 (0) 208.391.7979 •

TV One-Task’s 1T-C2-400
Based on TV One’s exclusive Corio2® technology, the 1T-C2-400 cross converts between virtually any PC resolution up to 2048 x 2048 and any HDTV resolution up to 1080p on both the input and output. The 1T-C2400 features a single RGB/YPbPr input and a single RGB/YPbPr output. The 1T-C2-400 automatically detects the incoming resolution and is able to cross convert it to the appropriate projector’s resolution. Its AutoSet® feature automatically sizes and positions the computer image to fit exactly on the video screen. The suggested retail price for the 1T-C2-400 is $795.
TV One • 800.721.4044 •

Radical Lighting’s PixelDrive 2
PixelDrive 2 is based on the original PixelDrive and the Radlite NG media server series. It has a video output for driving LED devices and services like SoftLED, VersaTUBE, ColorWeb, etc., and a Fixture Creator feature to create new profiles for color mixing fixtures. It also has a control fixture for high-resolution 3D-based video playback, support for nonrectangular color mixers, a Cuelist-based scheduler, an auto-align utility and DMX auto repatch function. Radical Lighting also has created a Personal Edition (PE) of PixelDrive 2, which incorporates all the new functionality and features with a “personal” price tag. The full version of PixelDrive 2 has been rolled into Radical’s NG series of media servers. PixelDrive 2 software can be used as a plug-in to any of the NG video media server modules.
Radical Lighting • +44 (0) 127.484.1414 •

RapcoHorizon’s HDMI-X
The RapcoHorizon HDMI Fiber Optic Extender, HDMI-X, is designed for high-definition multimedia in applications such as video wall systems and large LED signboards. The HDMI-X includes an HDMI transmitter and receiver and an external 12-volt power supply adapter. It also contains a variety of HDMI equipment cables: four-strand 50/125 fiber cable, Cat5e cable and HDMI cable, all of which can be terminated at the specific length required for a given installation.  Additionally, HDMI-X allows transmission of uncompressed digital video and audio up to 100 meters; it also can be applied to Widescreen Ultra eXtended Graphics Array format.
RapcoHorizon • 800.325.0266 •    

Sharp’s Notevision Projector Series
Sharp expands its Notevision® series of projectors with new models XR-40X, XR-30X and XR-30S. The projectors use Texas Instruments® DLP® technology and TrueVision™ (DDP2000) image processing. The XR-40X and XR-30X have a native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, and the XR-30S has a native SVGA (800 x 600) resolution. The units have contrast ratios ranging from 2200:1 (XR-40X and XR-30X) to 2000:1 (XR-30S) and measure 2600 ANSI lumens on the XR-40X and 2300 ANSI Lumens on the XR-30X and XR-30S. The models incorporate a condenser lens optical system and have a 3x speed 4-segment color wheel. Front exhaust prevents the disturbance of air being blown toward audiences.  The XR series also features sealed optics that prevent dust, dirt and smoke from entering the optical assembly. MSRP: XR-40X – $1,295; XR-30X – $1,195; XR-30S – $1,095
Sharp Electronics Corp. • 866.484.7825 •

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