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Sommer Introduces HI-HOIC Micro HDMI Fiberoptic Dovetail Cable

PLSN Staff • Product News • May 12, 2021

SANTA ROSA, CA – Sommer Cable has introduced its new HI-HOIC Micro HDMI fiberoptic cable. The special dovetail end connection allows the 4mm HDMI cable with a micro connection to be threaded easily and then terminated with a snap-on full size HDMI connector.

More details from Sommer Cable (

This fail-safe and easy HDMI installation via fiberoptic technology results in long-distance video and audio signal transmission with a performance of 18 Gbit/s (HI-HOIC)

The HI-HOIC AOC Install connection cable shown here uses a high-performance fiber-optic construction in a highflex jacket and is equipped with robust all-metal connectors from Sommer cable’s own HICON brand together with a high-quality chipset made in Germany. Due to its compact diameter of only 4 mm (0.16 in.), the cable can be laid almost anywhere in a convenient and space-saving way. The optical transmission of the high-speed data works very reliably and is also suitable for use in RF-exposed environments.

Convenient (uni-directional) pulling through empty pipes and cable ducts is guaranteed by the super compact micro HDMI D-type connector on the sink side (monitor, beamer, TV). The supplied clip-on pulling device (13.7 x 10.14 mm / 0.54 x 0.4 in.) gives extra protection to the connector and allows a safe and easy installation. Afterwards the micro HDMI can be converted to the type-A HDMI standard by means of an interlocking precision adapter attachment with a dovetail guide.

The connection cable ensures an absolutely error- and loss-free signal transmission and thus smooth, crystal clear pictures and outstanding sound. It is downward compatible and supports all previous HDMI formats and standards.

Included is an optional USB voltage feed-in adapter, but due to the low current drain of the chipset, it is rarely needed. For mobile applications in high-end home cinemas or for larger gaming setups, the company also offers the 48 Gbit/s HDMI cable variant HI-HO48.

Learn more and order here:

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