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USITT Special Edition

PLSN Staff • Product News • May 8, 2006

USITT06-001.JPGROSCO 1750 Fog Machine
The 1,500-watt fogger features a piston pump and continuous duty operation. Up to four machines can be daisy-chained and it runs from a DMX512 input or a timer remote. The standard unit with a piggyback remote retails for $695 and the DMX512 version retails for $795.

Rosco  •  800.767.2669 or 800.767.2652  •

USITT06-002.JPGStrand Palettes
Strand introduced three new Palette consoles; the Preset Palette, the Manual Palette and the Submaster Palette. The Manual Palette starts at under $5,000 retail. Now shipping.

Strand Lighting • 714.230. 8200 or 212.242.1042 in the U.S.A.
and 800.387.3403 in Canada •

USITT06-003.JPGField Template SpftSymbols V2
Field Template released the new SoftSymbols V2 for VectorWorks. It includes all of the Version 1 SoftGuide Package, plus an updated SoftSymbols Version 1 Object Library, the Lighting Position Object Library, the Field Template Generic Object Library, 2D Drafting Elements (foggers, headsets, cue lights, etc.), the new Version 2 SoftSymbol Object Library and Shelley’s Section Collection. Version 2 is available for VectorWorks 9, 10 and 11.

Field Template • 310.832.4700 or 212.749.9117 •

USITT06-003.JPG J.R. Clancy’s PowerAssist
J.R. Clancy’s PowerAssist™ winch is designed for retrofitting existing counterweight rigging systems. It can be used to automate just a few sets or a complete rigging system, eliminating the need to handle counterweights and the concerns associated with out of balance sets. Fixed speed units are available for motorizing lighting sets, shell ceilings and other utility sets. Variable speed units allow automation of scenery sets, providing a complete range of dynamic movement. By upgrading existing sets, the cost is as little as half the cost of replacing sets with conventional winches.

J.R. Clancy • 800.836.1885•

USITT06-005.JPGRC4 Wireless Recievers
RC4 Wireless introduced a new series of RC4 receivers with built-in motor controllers. Intended for motorized props and set pieces of all kinds, they are described as safe, simple to connect and easy to use. The RX4-FD friction-drive controller directly connects to two DC motors and responds to RC4 Wireless control channels for speed, steer and direction. Outputs are also provided for optional brakes. All drivers are protected against overheating and overloading, and operate from 8V to 30VDC.

Soundsculpture Incorporated •866.258.4577 •

USITT06-006.JPGETC Source Four® spotlights
ETC introduced new 14°, 70° and 90° Source Four® spotlights. The new 14º Source Four provides an intermediate-throw field angle to fill the gap between the 10º and 19º fixtures. Short-throw applications such as blackbox theatres and dance lighting will benefit from the potent 70º and 90º Source Fours. The new Source Fours will also be available in HID versions for architectural applications with a 12,000-hour long-life high-intensity-discharge lamp. In addition to a standard black finish, the new Source Four units will be available in white, silver and custom colors.

Electronic Theatre Controls • 800.688.4116 •

USITT06-07.JPGCity Theatrical Projector Dowser
The new Projector Dowser from City Theatrical is an accessory for a digital projector that changes “video black” to a real blackout. Controlled by one channel of DMX, the Projector Dowser’s stepper motor moves a flag in and out of the projector’s beam. The adjustable flag allows the Dowser to be mounted in any position in relation to the projector. Also new at USITT was the PDS-375 TRB, a wireless power and data supply designed for Color Kinetics’® ColorBlast 12® (up to six units), ColorBlast 6® (up to 12 units) and iColorCove® (up to 24 units) LED fixtures.

City Theatrical Inc. • 800.230.9497 •

USITT06-008.JPGMartin’s Maxxyz lighting controller
Martin’s Maxxyz lighting controller is now available in a PC-based version. The new computer-based version is an offline and online editing tool with full Maxxyz functionality on a PC or laptop. It can be used for offline programming and can be linked to Martin’s Universal DMX interface device or Ether2DMX Router for direct control of fixtures. The dongle-protected software is free of charge. To output DMX, a USB license dongle and a DMX interface device are needed. The USB interface device outputs two universes or use Artnet via the PC’s Ethernet port.

Martin Professional • 954.858.1800, 805.581.8001 or 702.597.3030 •

USITT06-009.JPGWybron Nexera LX
Wybron launched the Nexera LX 19º-26º Profile luminaire with a built-in CMY dichroic color mixing. The integral color mixing module produces a virtually unlimited color palette via CMY subtractive mixing. It provides hard-edge illumination in an adjustable field from 19º to 26º. Using a compact tungsten 575W source and a convection cooling system, the unit uses three DMX512 channels. The system is RDM-compatible and is made in the USA.

Wybron, Inc. • 719.548.9774 •

USITT06-0010.JPG Selecon
Selecon’s new Rama range of 150mm and 175mm Fresnels and PCs feature “Fast Focus Technology” (FFT), an integrated safety cable and Grippa color frame. FFT is a simple, precise and cheap means to preset the luminaires before flying out the truss or pipe. The FFT Pan assembly is available to fit any luminaire with a yoke width between 25 and 40mm (1” – 1 5/8”). Using design visualization programs, the Rama FFT system allows the pan, tilt and beam focus to be preset before the luminaire is rigged without the use of tools.

Selecon USA • 410.638.0385 •

USITT06-0011.JPGNemetschek VectorWorks version 12.0.1
Nemetschek North America introduced VectorWorks version 12.0.1, a maintenance update for VectorWorks Designer, VectorWorks Architect, VectorWorks Landmark, VectorWorks Spotlight, VectorWorks Machine Design, VectorWorks Fundamentals and RenderWorks. Free to VectorWorks 12 users, the update offers new center snapping for regular polygons, the ability to display section views in perspective projections, the ability to import SketchUp® architectural elements into VectorWorks Designer, VectorWorks Architect, VectorWorks Landmark, and VectorWorks Spotlight, 3-D image prop support in the Place Plant tool for VectorWorks Landmark, and new lighting device capabilities for VectorWorks Spotlight with RenderWorks.

Nemetschek North America • 410.290.5114 or 888.646.4223 •

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