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Wenger Introduces Two New Innovations at LDI: The New Vantis™ Wall Controller and Remote Lighting Support

PLSN Staff • Product News • November 19, 2021

Owatonna, MN—Wenger Corporation introduces two new products at LDI: the new J.R. Clancy Vantis Wall Controller, and a new service offering, Wenger’s Remote Lighting Support for performance venues. “We have been focused on innovation for our customers over the past two years,” said Rakhi Malik, Wenger Corporation VP of Marketing and Product Development. “With the release of the Vantis line of motion controllers we are providing intuitive, safe control for theatre rigging. And now with Remote Lighting Support we will be able to provide superior service to our customers for performance venues of any size from any location.”

Live demonstrations of the Vantis Wall Controller, Vantis Pendant Controller and Remote Lighting Integration and Support will debut at LDI in booth #2245.

The Vantis Wall Controller
The Vantis Wall Controller offers simple control for up to 24 machines. Each machine can be programmed with up to six targets including upper, lower and four intermediate targets. Selection of multiple hoists or machine types is easy, as is the ability to simultaneously move them to a stored target. With variable speed control of a single machine, the user can also create theatrical effects during production.

Intuitive Touchscreen Interface and Programming
The 10-inch color touchscreen provides real-time feedback on hoist status. The intuitive interface makes programming targets, configuring load sensing, and adjusting speed incredibly simple.

Safety Features
The Vantis Wall Controller comes with a number of built-in safety features, including an emergency stop system and load sensing capability to help protect people and equipment on the stage below. It limits the number of hoists that can move at any given time and alarms sound automatically if an error or fault is detected. Password/pin protection allows access and recording capabilities to authorized users only. Finally, a hold-to-run “GO” button ensures safe operation.

Key Features

“There are control systems available that can do almost everything, and there are control systems that are limited and cannot fulfill the needs of a theatre. With the new Vantis Wall Controller we looked at how a theatre operates and designed the system so people can spend more time making art and less time figuring out how,” said Patrick Finn, Wenger Corporation Performing Arts Product Manager. “Vantis is a great addition to the suite of J.R. Clancy controllers, and we are excited to be debuting the system at LDI.”

The Vantis Wall Controller joins the Vantis Pendant Controller, a corded controller that affords the user flexibility, mobility, and safety.

Remote Lighting Support
Wenger Corporation’s new Remote Lighting Support is a service that allows expert technicians to diagnose, update, and modify lighting systems remotely, over a secure Internet connection. The goal is fewer, quicker, and less expensive service calls for customers.

“LED technology has created a performance lighting renaissance, so we upgraded our support options to better serve our client needs,” said Jim Crooks, Wenger Corporation Lighting Solutions Manager. “It is critical to select the right partner that can provide engineering, integration, installation support, and a speedy response. That’s why we developed a new integrated approach to lighting service.”

When enabled, a Wenger Corporation technician can log into a venue’s lighting system almost immediately to troubleshoot potential problems. It’s much faster and cost effective than traveling to the site.

The list of remote services offered by Wenger Corporation includes but is not limited to troubleshooting, firmware updates, architectural control re-configuration, and RDM re-configuration of performance and architectural fixtures.

The Wenger | J.R. Clancy Advantage

Further information about the Vantis Wall Controller, Remote Lighting Support, and other Wenger products featured at LDI: