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Coolux Technology Helps Actors Interact with 3D Projections

PLSN Staff • Projection Connection News • February 13, 2012

COLOGNE, Germany – Popular Belgian children’s television shows were recently turned into two stage productions involving 3D projection technology. Belgian TV production company Studio 100 used a combination of the coolux Broadcast server and the company’s Widget Designer software to let the actors interact with 3D projections live on stage.

More details from coolux (


COLOGNE, Germany – The popular Belgian children’s television shows “Piet Piraat” and “Mega Mindy” were recently turned into two stage productions involving state of the art 3D projection technology.

Belgian TV production company Studio 100 faced the challenge of trying to do justice to the excitement of the series’ popular characters’ adventures.

In the case of the super heroine Mega Mindy and the charming Pirate Piet, the actors were able to interact with a combination of traditional set pieces and 3D projections live on stage.

coolux Pandoras Box’s new Version 5 Broadcast Servers proved to be the perfect tool for the production, due to the available HD SDI outputs.

The coolux Widget Designer turned out to be an essential component when it came to creating interaction between the audience and the animation on display. The combination of the coolux Broadcast server and the  Widget Designer software made it possible to easily apply movement effects to the available 3D objects on the fly.

coolux CEO Jan Huewel was pleased with Studio 100’s decision to make the new Broadcast Server a part of their studio and live show equipment.

Huewel said, “It’s wonderful to see how dedicated Studio 100 is when it comes to using innovative technologies for their extremely successful programs. It is of course only natural for us at coolux to believe in the reliability of our own products, but when customers with such a great track record like Studio 100 trust us enough to integrate the new Broadcast Server into their workflow, it means a great deal to us.”

Art Director: Stefaan Haudenhuyse
Programming coolux: Gert Bogaerts & Mario Hofman
Technical supervision: Joris Bensch & Anthony Wagner
Projectors & screen: Xl Video
Director: Tij Dauwe
Executive Producers: Jan Bernolet & Ralf Gheniau
coolux Pandoras Box distributor: Luc Buytaert, AVL Belgium

Equipment List:
2x Pandoras Box Broadcast STD Server System
1x Pandoras Box Workstation
1x coolux Pandoras Box Manager PRO
1x coolux Widget Designer PRO
Barco R20HD (Mega Mindy)
Barco R12 (Piet Piraat)

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