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NanoLumens Engages Commuters at NYC’s Penn Station

PLSN Staff • Projection Connection News • July 31, 2013

NEW YORK CITY — To capitalize on the massive daily audience that passes through New York City’s Penn Station, CBS Outdoor turned to NanoLumens to provide an advertising solution that can’t be missed. The NanoSlim display hangs directly over the heads of 300,000 daily commuters as they travel through the Long Island Railroad corridor of the station. The installation marks the first time that a digital advertising display has ever been suspended from the ceiling in this transit center.

More details from NanoLumens (

“NanoLumens’ technology is transforming a traditional ‘signage’ industry into a ‘customer engagement’ industry,” said NanoLumens President & CEO Rick Cope.

According to Cope, the ability to place the display in this location was possible because it weighs less than 700 pounds and uses less than one-third of the energy that a comparable LCD, plasma or projection setup would require.

With a lifespan of 100,000 hours (more than 11 years running 24 hours a day), the NanoSlim display was not only an eye-catching option but cost-effective. A lightweight LED display is a viable option for a hanging display in a brightly lit environment, because LCD and plasma displays can be heavier and require immense support structures, and might not perform as well in bright situations.

The 4.5-inch thick, double-sided 126-inch NanoSlim LED display uses NanoLumens’ 4mm pixel pitch technology to deliver clear images and video on a display that is seamless and bezel-free, making it a potent messaging platform in Penn Station.

This installation comes on the heels of NanoLumens’ recent announcement of several large NanoSlim displays being used to provide long-life video solutions for the new Sao Paulo Metro Line 4 in Brazil.

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