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Pete’s Big TVs Continue with Backstreet Boys in North America

PLSN Staff • Projection Connection News • August 19, 2013

NEW CASTLE, DE – The Backstreet Boys world tour kicked off its North American leg Aug. 2, again with video equipment rental company Pete’s Big TVs but with a modification in the equipment package and a new video crew. When the tour started May 25 in China, Pete’s Big TVs provided Liantronics PH-8 video panels for the main screen. For this North American leg they are now using the 224 digiLED MC7 7 mm high resolution LED video panels for the main screen, for a configuration of 8 panels high by 28 panels wide. 

More details from Pete’s Big TVs (

The LED video panel switch out was made to make life easier on the road. “The MC7s in their Tait touring frames are much easier to tour with, and it’s also faster to load in and load out,” said Pete’s Big TVs’ VP Guy Benjamin. The MC7s also happen to have a minimally higher resolution.

Pete's Big TVs is supplying the complete video production package for Backstreet Boys world tour. Photo: Todd Kaplan.Production designer Bruce Rodgers of Tribe Inc. designed the video-centric show for the band. Fixed to the lighting trusses and the face of the stage platforms are 400 digiLED MC15 panels. Of those, there are 100 MC15 tiles faced on the stage risers, with 300 more MC15 tiles faced on three V-shaped lighting trusses.

For the production package, Pete’s Big TVs also supplied the Ross Carbonite switcher and four Sony HDC1500 cameras.

Along with a complete video equipment package of LED screens, cameras and crew, a new video crew was put in place for the North American leg: Brent Jones, Kim Hampton, Will Farnham, Brian Brinckman, Alex Keene and Rob Darcy.

The Backstreet Boys reunion tour, “In A World Like This,” celebrates the original band’s 20 years in the business. Lighting designer is Richard Neville, lighting director/operator is Alex Grierson with an assist from Alex Ares. Production manager is Jerry Gilleland.

After the North American leg finishes Sept. 8, Pete’s Big TVs will continue on with the tour to Japan and Europe before the end of the year.

Photos: ©2013 Todd Kaplan;

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