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Upstage Video Provides LED Screens for PGA Tour

PLSN Staff • Projection Connection News • July 19, 2013

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV – For the 4th consecutive year, Upstage Video provided large screen display services to The Greenbrier Classic, and official PGA Tour event July 1-7 in White Sulphur Springs, WV. In addition to providing the three main on-course screens, the team provided one of the first high-resolution 5mm LED screens to be seen in a PGA Tour event media center.

More details from Upstage Video (

“We had provided a blended projection rig in the media room in the past, but there were some fluorescent lights that were always fighting the projectors,” says Upstage Video President Doug Murray. “Earlier this year we added the new Color Specific 5mm (CS5) LED screen to our inventory and I knew The Greenbrier Classic Media Center would be a perfect application for the new technology.”

Upstage Video programmed the display to show live TV coverage in the media center, with custom scoring and statistical data to either side. “We make it an effort to provide the best experience we can to our players, fans and the members of the press that show up to cover our event,” says Monte Ortel, executive tournament director for The Greenbrier Classic. “The 5mm LED display that Upstage Video provided in the Media Center performed beyond our expectations.”

As for this year’s on-course screens, (9 ft x24 ft on the Hole 18, 15 ft x40 ft on the Hole 17, and a  ft ’x16 ft in Founders’ Park) Upstage Video used their Color Specific 8mm LED Tiles (CS8) which displayed one of the highest resolution images seen on a PGA Tour course to date. “The added resolution made a big impact and allowed us to position screens closer to the fans, present more detailed content, and show sponsorship messages in the most impressive manner available,” says Murray.

In addition to providing leader board and sponsorship info, the on-course LED screens were an essential tool in engaging the fan base to participate in The Greenbrier Classic’s many social media initiatives.

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