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Maintaining Pay Scale in the Face of a Pandemic – with Myles Mangino

Chris Lose • December 6, 2020

with Myles Mangino – Lighting & Production Designer at Highlt Production Design Studio

On this episode, we discuss what can we do to keep up our rates post-COVID, working on the Biden/Harris campaign trail, the additional costs of providing PPE, how flexible we should be in giving a break for lower attendance rates, if we should encourage our clients to use local talent instead of flying people interstate, the possibilities of even stricter safety precautions and who should consume the costs of additional production costs during a pandemic.

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Chris Lose is an international touring lighting director, programmer and columnist who has dedicated his life to solving problems through pragmatic decision making and mindfulness. He strives to invoke emotion through color, atmosphere and beauty. He loves to share his experiences and his knowledge even in his most vulnerable hours.

In this podcast, he takes time to lay out his unique philosophies that have allowed him to succeed in the hard knocks business of rock 'n roll touring.

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