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Selling the Sizzle and the Steak – with Squeek

Chris Lose • December 19, 2020

with Squeek – Managing Partner at Squeek Lights

On this episode, we discuss imposter syndrome, how to sell what you are doing even when you are just treading water, how to perceive social media glamorization, what it’s like to be off the road and in a new environment, maintaining and expanding a lighting rental shop amidst pandemic, starting a business from scratch, government assistance to stay afloat, lighting cars with stage lighting and other bad ideas.

Please visit: and @squeeklights on Instagram

About this Podcast

LD at Large Podcast

Stage and Theatrical Lighting in the modern world.

Chris Lose is an international touring lighting director, programmer and columnist who has dedicated his life to solving problems through pragmatic decision making and mindfulness. He strives to invoke emotion through color, atmosphere and beauty. He loves to share his experiences and his knowledge even in his most vulnerable hours.

In this podcast, he takes time to lay out his unique philosophies that have allowed him to succeed in the hard knocks business of rock 'n roll touring.

You can listen to the LD AT Large Podcast here or at or at one of the sites below.

Available Here:

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