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We Will Dance Again – with Robert Bloom

Chris Lose • September 22, 2020

with Robert Bloom – Production and Lighting Designer, Photographer at RBB Designs

On this episode, we discuss the necessity for diverse lighting skills and refusing to be pigeon holed, green technology, going with the flow, storytelling in design, the importance of good lighting design in corporate and non-traditional environments, when to go big and flashy and when to go subdue and effective, where to draw inspiration during isolation, and how to embrace luck and skill.

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About this Podcast

LD at Large Podcast

Stage and Theatrical Lighting in the modern world.

Chris Lose is an international touring lighting director, programmer and columnist who has dedicated his life to solving problems through pragmatic decision making and mindfulness. He strives to invoke emotion through color, atmosphere and beauty. He loves to share his experiences and his knowledge even in his most vulnerable hours.

In this podcast, he takes time to lay out his unique philosophies that have allowed him to succeed in the hard knocks business of rock 'n roll touring.

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