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New Sales Hires at Altman Lighting

Stage Directions • Stage DirectionsTheater News • June 1, 2021

(L to R) Jon Hyrkas and Jake Rhodes

Altman Lighting announces two new hires in its sales department. Jon Hyrkas will serve as the new Western Regional Sales Manager, and Jake Rhodes will serve as Product Sales Specialist, starting June 1, 2021.

New hires are a critical step in Altman Lighting’s plan to support the entertainment industry in 2021. “As the industry begins to emerge from a very difficult time, we are working hard to ensure that we are hiring sales leaders to do the best we can for our clients,” says Nicolas Champion, VP of Sales and Marketing for the company.

As the Western Regional Sales Manager, Hyrkas will be representing sales in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. “I’ve been working in theatre and entertainment for 15 years. I’m really excited to connect people with some of the new products we are launching,” says Hyrkas.

Expect to see Product Sales Specialist Rhodes at open houses and trade shows in the Western Region. “I want to make sure I get the right product in front of the right people, for the right purpose,” says Rhodes.

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