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The October 2017 Digital Edition

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Articles from the October 2017 Issue

Ryan Adams goes for the '1980’s dystopian Star Wars junkyard' look on tour. Photo by Janelle Corey

Ryan Adams’ Dystopian Set; Wilco’s Schmilco Forest; Killers, Dragons, Danzig and More

Debi Moen • Designer Watch, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

Ryan Adams described the look he was going for on his current tour as “a 1980’s dystopian Star Wars junkyard.” LD Heather Cossette has been out with Ryan Adams’ tour as designer/director since March, supporting his new album, Prisoners. The tour ends Oct. 17.

Nook Schoenfeld, Editor, PLSN

Ode to the Color Wheel

Nook Schoenfeld • Editor's Note, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

There used to be a time when you designed your show around two types of moving lights — hard edge and wash fixtures. I grew up in a time where the hard beams were from Vari-Lites or lekos and the wash came from pars. The only color changing we saw was from color wheels and color scrollers on conventional fixtures. Read More...

Verite photo by Nicole Mago

Getting Visual for Vérité

Bobby Boyer • Wide Focus, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

Critics have had a hard time categorizing the music of Vérité, since the former Times Square Applebee’s waitress Kelsey Byrne burst onto the scene with a string of self-released YouTube hits like “Strange Enough.” Pop, indie, electro, alternative… it doesn’t matter what label anyone slaps on it, this quixotic mix of delicate, but fearless vocals, soaring melodies and synth flourishes bend and break musical barriers just as surely as it enthralls fans.

Illustration by Andy Au

Thank You for Using Restraint

Chris Lose • LD at Large, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

Sometimes, it’s the things that you don’t do that make all the difference.

I recently attended a show that was painful to watch and more difficult to experience. I couldn’t see the artists for half the show because the upstage wall was built with a tractor-trailer’s worth of LED strobes that were aimed at my face. No matter where I went in the audience, they seemed to track my eyeballs and flash open white on every downbeat. Read More...

Pyro extended 200 feet into the air above the roofless stage. Metallica 2017 tour photo by Steve Jennings.

Metallica WorldWired Tour

Photos and Text by Steve Jennings • Designer Insights, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

Metallica’s current “WorldWired Tour” is in support of the band’s Hard Wired… To Self-Destruct album, released last fall. We spoke with the band’s longtime lighting designer and director, Rob Koenig, about working with Dan Braun (show director and set designer) and the tour’s design and logistics he’s encountered for this massive production that’s been filling stadiums around the world. The tour began last year and included a run of stadium dates in North America this past summer. The band is continuing with a series of dates in the U.K. and Europe this fall and next spring.

An even wash is tough with the chimneys and overhanging structures.

Gourmet Lighting

Keith Gayhart • Lighting for the Camera, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

The F Word, on Fox, Lit by Darran Webb

Although it appears to take place in a trendy, real-world restaurant, Fox’s hit food competition show, The F Word, starring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, is actually shot live and in real-time on a Hollywood soundstage. Its massive, four-wall set rises 28 feet above the floor and includes multiple dining alcoves, a large balcony, a semicircular bar and an open, fully functioning kitchen.

Marcia Kapustin at videoworld in Brazil

Marcia Kapustin

Michael S. Eddy • October 2017, 1000 Words With... • October 12, 2017

Video Content Producer, Video Director and Lawyer-in-Training

Marcia Kapustin, principal of Kosher Pixels, is a video content producer and a video director, working extensively in concert touring. She has currently taken a hiatus from touring to get a law degree. She has worked with a variety of bands, most notably Paul McCartney and Metallica, since her first major tour as assistant video director for U2’s 1997-1998 PopMart tour. Read More...

Video was used on the main stage and side I-Mag screens at Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City. Photos by Thomas Newton

Raising the Bar

Thomas S. Friedman • Corporate AV, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

AV Partners Provide Dazzling Visuals for Young Living’s International Grand Convention

The 2017 “Fulfill Your Destiny” International Grand Convention drew enthusiastic partners involved in sales for Young Living essential oils from all over the world. This year’s International Grand Convention, held June 14-17 at the Salt Palace and Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah, got a big production assist from Pixel- FLEX subsidiary Elite Multimedia.

Kid Rock on the thrust provided by Gallagher Staging

Kid Rock Opens Little Caesars Arena in Detroit

Kevin M. Mitchell • Production Profile, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

LD Makes Use of State-of-the-Art House System for Six Sold-Out Shows

In retrospect, there was no question: Who else could have opened a new stadium in Detroit but Kid Rock? The hometown favorite sold out the new 20,000-seat sports complex’s six dates in mere hours. And, while all the shows went well, a few of the early ones didn’t go perfectly, as longtime Kid Rock LD Nook Schoenfeld was the guinea pig taking a brand new technologically-advanced stadium out for its first ride.

MIG tied into the stadim ribbon boards to run content, tooStadium ribbon boards ran content. Photo by Jeff Monuszko

Filling AT&T Stadium with Imagery for AdvoCare’s National Success School

Mike Wharton • Corporate AV, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

Multi Image Group’s Visuals Ride the Big Screens in the Home of the Cowboys

The annual AdvoCare National Success School is more than just an event; it is a destination. Held at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX for the last five years — the home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys — the annual training and sales conference focuses on celebrating the achievements of the company’s independent distributors, while also providing education, inspiration and motivation for continued successes.

The 20,000-capacity arena is the new home for the NHL Red Wings and NBA Pistons hockey and basketball teams, while also hosting major concerts and other eveents. Photo by Todd Kaplan

Little Caesars Arena in Detroit: Built to Rock

Kevin M. Mitchell • Installations, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

New Arena Immerses Attendees with State-of-the-Art House Systems

“I believe we just opened the nicest, coolest arena I’ve ever had the pleasure of gigging in,” says Kid Rock LD Nook Schoenfeld after six sold-out shows at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. “It is an amazing structure; the likes of which do not exist anywhere in the world.”

The choreography was conceived simultaneously with the projections.

Particle Dance

Bryan Reesman • Focus on Design, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

Daniil Simkin’s Falls the Shadow at the Guggenheim Museum Fuses Projection and Dance

For Falls The Shadow, a dance piece created for the Guggenheim Museum’s Works & Process series and staged in the famed art repository itself, choreographer Alejandro Cerrudo and principal dancer/director Daniil Simkin teamed up with projection designer Dmitrij Simkin and costume designer Dior for an unusual convergence of fashion, technology and art. Four dancers had their movements captured by motion sensors, which generated 3D mapped visuals that were then projected back onto the floors and the ramp of the famed building.


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