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The October 2017 Digital Edition

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Articles from the October 2017 Issue

  • Illustration by Andy Au

    Thank You for Using Restraint

    279968PLSN Staff | LD at Large
  • Ryan Adams goes for the '1980’s dystopian Star Wars junkyard' look on tour. Photo by Janelle Corey

    Ryan Adams’ Dystopian Set; Wilco’s Schmilco Forest; Killers, Dragons, Danzig and More

    279966PLSN Staff | Designer Watch
  • A Programmer's Guide to Sushi

    A Programmer’s Guide to Sushi

    279963PLSN Staff | Feeding the Machines
  • Blizzard Lighting G-Mix 200

    Blizzard Lighting G-Mix 200

    279961PLSN Staff | Road Tests
  • The software lets users invite others to participate in a given project as 'members' or 'guests,' encouraging visual collaboration.


    279958PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight
  • Configuring mixes within Catalyst

    Outputs and Mixes

    279952PLSN Staff | Video Digerati
  • ‘We knew social media was a key role to the ministry and a major outreach in the way the pastor wanted people to experience it,’ says Donnie Haulk, president and CEO of AE Global Media. ‘My idea was to make it appeal from wherever they were and the impression would be positive. So that was the basis of the redesign.’

    Redemption Church: A Renovation Driven by Social Media

    279949PLSN Staff | Video Production
  • The choreography was conceived simultaneously with the projections.

    Particle Dance

    279943PLSN Staff | Focus on Design
  • MIG tied into the stadim ribbon boards to run content, tooStadium ribbon boards ran content. Photo by Jeff Monuszko

    Filling AT&T Stadium with Imagery for AdvoCare’s National Success School

    279938PLSN Staff | Corporate AV
  • Video was used on the main stage and side I-Mag screens at Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City. Photos by Thomas Newton

    Raising the Bar

    279932PLSN Staff | Corporate AV
  • An even wash is tough with the chimneys and overhanging structures.

    Gourmet Lighting

    279925PLSN Staff | Lighting for the Camera
  • Verite photo by Nicole Mago

    Getting Visual for Vérité

    279920PLSN Staff | Wide Focus
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