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On the Road

On the Road: LD Sean Semler with Granger Smith

Debi Moen • Current Issue On the RoadJanuary 2018 • January 11, 2018
TOUR DATES: The “Don’t Tread On Me” tour starts Jan. 18, throughout 2018. DESIGN: “We’re carrying a new design for country artist Granger Smith’s 2018 tour. A couple of dates will support Luke Bryan. For inspiration, I try to expose myself to as many designs as possible. Shows today have to be so original and […] Read More...
LD Susan Rose. Photos by Debi Moen

LD Susan Rose with Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band

Debi Moen • On the RoadDecember 2017 • December 14, 2017

TOUR: Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band

DESIGN: “This is my 15th year as touring lighting director/programmer for Jeff Ravitz’s design for Ringo. My most important cues: light the audience, and light Ringo! The six other musicians are all stars as well, so they are also constantly in the light of their own lekos."

Benoit Richard photo by Debi Moen

LD Benoit Richard with Matchbox Twenty

Debi Moen • On the RoadNovember 2017 • November 9, 2017

TOUR: July 12 to Oct. 7, U.S. and Canada. “A Brief History of Everything Tour 2017” with co-headliners Counting Crows Read More...

Pixies on tour. Photo by Myles Mangino

LD Myles Mangino with Pixies

Debi Moen • On the Road • October 12, 2017

TOUR: Worldwide through 2017, ends in U.S. Dec. 10, 2017

THE DESIGN: “This will be my 32nd year as the show designer for the Pixies. Every two years, I come up with a new set and lighting design.

LD Mikey Cummings

LD Mikey Cummings with Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit

Debi Moen • On the RoadSeptember 2017 • September 10, 2017

TOUR DATES: U.S. to Oct. 15; U.K./Europe to Nov. 14; returns to U.S. in December.

THE DESIGN: “While there was some collaboration with the band and management, they have always expressed their confidence in us to translate the emotions of the music visually. Roger Gant and I had just three days of live programming and three days of rehearsal, in which we shot two videos.

Jonathan Smeeton photo by Debi Moen

LD Jonathan Smeeton with Diana Ross

Debi Moen • On the Road • August 15, 2017

TOUR: U.S., to Oct. 28

DESIGN: “It’s a simple system, simple plot. I need an apron that’s lit, a riser and key lights for every individual on stage."

LD Dave Herrman

LD Dave Herrman with the Gipsy Kings

Debi Moen • On the Road • July 12, 2017

Tour: April-December: U.K., Canada, U.S., Europe.

Design: “It is all ‘big picture’ stuff. Other than my console, we are not carrying gear, so every night is a different show — it may be all par cans one night, moving lights the next or a mix of the two. I take a theatrical approach, trying to keep a consistent look for the Gipsys, lighting the stage of 11 musicians and highlighting vocals or a guitar break as needed. It’s not flash and trash.”

LD Justin Bridges

LD Justin Bridges with Brandi Carlile

Debi Moen • On the Road • June 8, 2017

TOUR: “The Story: An Acoustic Evening with Brandi Carlile.”

DATES: To Sept. 15, U.S. and Canada.

Andrew Drury

LD Andrew Drury with Trace Adkins

Debi Moen • On the Road • May 13, 2017

TOUR: April-October, U.S.

DESIGN: “We have 12 beams, six moving wash, six moving wash with effects, four profiles, and a ton of wash lights for our set."

Iggy Rosenberg in Austin, TX. Photo by Debi Moen

LD Ignacio “Iggy” Rosenberg with Tesla

Debi Moen • On the Road • April 15, 2017

DATES: January-August.

DESIGN: “They’re not used to a ‘design’ — this is their first in years." Read More...

The Tosarellos

LD Jonny ‘Tosar’ Tosarello with Lynyrd Skynyrd

Debi Moen • On the Road • March 13, 2017

DATES: Feb.-Oct., 2017. “A weekend-warrior schedule.”

THE DESIGN: “As we do festivals, fairs and clubs, the design needs to stay flexible, so I look carefully at fixture types, placement and purpose." 

Avett Brothers tour photo by CrackerFarm

LD Pete Schroth with the Avett Brothers

Debi Moen • On the Road • February 10, 2017

TOUR DATES: February-November

THE DESIGN: “The Avett Brothers never play the same set or the same song the same way. Every night is different. They feed off the vibe of the crowd; if the crowd wants a more chill show or a rocker, then that’s the direction. Cue stacks don’t fit with their way of playing. Everything is on the fly all the time. I design a rig that morphs into different animals; lighting one guy playing an acoustic guitar or a heavy rocker with all seven band members. Overall, I try to accent the music, push the emotion further, but subtly so that people may not notice that the whole stage just ‘warmed up,’ but they feel it with their hearts.”


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