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Rolling Stones

PLSN Staff • January 2019Showtime • January 14, 2019

MH Vogel/disguise

Lighting Co

Neg Earth

Video Co



  • Lighting Design/Stage Direction: Patrick Woodroffe
  • Stage Design: Ray Winkler
  • Tour Director: Paul Gongaware
  • Road Manager: Jesse Keys
  • Production Director: Dale “Opie” Skjerseth
  • Production Coordinator: Lizzie Scace
  • Production Assistant: Amber McClelland
  • Stage Manager: Andy Omilianowski
  • Production accountant: Liz Holden
  • Ticket Director: Shelley Lazar
  • Site coordinator: Marco Guentensperger, Gabriel Ettlin
  • Head rigger: Jez Craddick
  • Rigger: Antoin Patten
  • Head Carp: Alex Blais
  • Carpenters: Fred Hurtado. Michael, “Otis” Kinard, Ariel Martinez, Scott “Boyo” Seaton, Kurt Verhelle
  • Head of Power: Tudy Martinez
  • Power techs: Andy Warnock, Jose Romo, Shane Zieglar
  • Lighting Director: Ethan Weber
  • Associate Lighting Designer: Terry Cook
  • Technical Director: Jeremy Load
  • CAD Technical Director- Andy Bailey
  • Video Automation Designer: Sam Pattinson
  • Lighting Chief: Andrew “Fraggle” Porter
  • Lighting techs: Barry Branford, Damn Coad, Peter Horne, Keith Johnson, Luke Radin, Charlie Strangeways, Gus Wimmer, Steve Belfield
  • Head of Pyro: Casy Lake
  • Pyro Techs: Ronny Frank, Sven Zachar
  • Video Director: Nick Keiser
  • Video Engineer: Graham Holwill
  • Video Programmer: Roland Griel
  • Media server tech: Joshua Key
  • Video Crew Chief: Benjamin Rader
  • LED Techs: Austin Colby, Simon Difazio, Scott Grund
  • LED/Camera Ops: Mario Juarez, Robbie Lawrence, Scott Lutton, Abe Main, Tina Skjerseth
  • Jib Camera Op: Andy May
  • Video Content Producer: Lizzie Pocock
  • Pyro: Innovative Pyrotechnic
  • Staging: StageCo, Tait
  • Truss Structure: WICreations



  • 2       grandMA2 Full consoles
  • 1       grandMA2 Light console
  • 140  Martin MAC Viper AirFX
  • 14     Martin MAC Aura XBs
  • 36     Robe BMFL WashBeams
  • 36     Vari-Lite VL3500 Washes
  • 24     Claypaky Mythos
  • 48     4-Light Mole
  • 36     Custom DWE Moles
  • 72     SGM P-2 Custom White/CTO LED
  • 18     SGM P-10’s
  • 180m        LED X-Flex
  • 6       Hazebase Base Hazers
  • 2       ZR44 Smoke Machines
  • 12     Reel FX DF50’s
  • 8       Robert Juliat 4K Lancelots


  • 4       Stufish video monoliths (23m x 11m, HxW) w/ 12mm Saco S12 LED panels from Solotech
  • 2       disguise 4x4pro media servers
  • 1       disguise 2x4pro media servers



Tour Notes:

After rocking Europe with show legs that ran from Sept. 9-Oct. 25, 2017 and May 17-July 8, 2018, the Stones are bringing their “No Filter” trek to the States next year, with a run of shows planned from April 20-June 25, 2019. Despite only 14 shows performed in Billboard’s 2018 chart year, the Stones landed on the top tour list with more than 750,000 tickets and total revenues of just under $118 million.

For more info on this tour, go to


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