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Product Spotlight

  • MegaBatten from The Light Source

    Skip Pfeiffer | July 2018Product Spotlight | July 13, 2018Power and DMX in a Hanging Position You’ve more than likely seen the beautiful pendant-style LED houselights from The Light Source, a lighting company based out of Charlotte, NC, providing a wide range of products to the Entertainment, Worship and Installation markets. The iconic shape of the Light Source LED engine and its efficient cooling […] Read More...
  • Model 1212-DIN DMX512/RDM Splitter from Doug Fleenor Design

    Jim Hutchison | July 2018Product Spotlight | July 13, 2018It’s a safe bet that, at some point in your lighting career, you have used a Doug Fleenor Design DMX product, whether it be a Opto/Iso box, a DMX Splitter, or any number of protocol interfaces — DMX to DALI, DMX to Analog boxes and the very popular NODE series units, for example. My first […] Read More...
  • Blizzard IRiS R2 and IRiS IP3 Video Panels

    Skip Pfeiffer | June 2018Product Spotlight | June 4, 2018Wisconsin-based lighting product company Blizzard Lighting has introduced two new video panels to their ever-expanding product line of lighting, video, and accessory products — and frankly, if you have a few minutes to enjoy the light-hearted nature of a company producing serious products for the Pro, DJ, Theatre, and Worship markets, a visit to their […] Read More...
  • Madrix Hardware

    Vickie Claiborne | April 2018Product Spotlight | April 12, 2018Madrix has long been known for its powerful and easy to use LED pixel mapping control software. But last year at LDI, I spotted some new hardware pieces designed for use with Madrix as well. Since these hardware devices have each been designed to handle a respective portion of the shared task of pixel and […] Read More...
  • Absen X3v Mobile Indoor/Outdoor Video Panel

    Skip Pfeiffer | March 2018Product Spotlight | March 12, 2018Absen's The X3v (and its sister panels, the X2v and X5v) are made for mobile production, and they don’t care whether that quick setup and teardown is inside or outdoors. The X3v panel fronts are rated IP65. The rear of the panels rate IP54. So they can stand up to the challenges of an indoor or outdoor show with varying levels of atmospheric obstacles. Read More...
  • LynTec RPC

    Brandon Creel | March 2018Product Spotlight | March 12, 2018LynTec, a U.S.-based power and control company, is a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems. They incorporate electrical protection, circuit switching, and a patent-pending controller within a single enclosure. Let us take a closer look at the product line, both hardware and software. Read More...
  • IP-Rated Fixtures From PR Lighting/Mega Systems Inc.

    Richard Olson | Current IssueFebruary 2018Product Spotlight | February 16, 2018With the call for IP-rated weatherproof fixtures becoming a serious concern in all aspects of the lighting business, there are two questions I hear from people when contemplating whether to purchase these types of fixtures. How much extra money will the initial cost be, and how much of a pain is it for the techs to work on a fixture and then put it back together so it’s still waterproof? Read More...
  • Sound guys can benefit, too - the Console Shade is pictured here on a DiGiCo audio mixer.

    The Console Shade

    PLSN Staff | November 2017Product Spotlight | November 9, 2017

    It’s a hot one down here in Tennessee. I’m sweating just watching the local crew drag the control snake out to my lighting desk. The dust rises from the brown grass, the roof on the stage provides no relief from the blistering rays. My front of house platform is someone’s idea of a joke as there’s a plywood floor with some 12-inch truss slammed together around myself and two other operators that wouldn’t protect any of us in a storm. Yup, it’s another long day in a field where I must battle the elements and try my hardest to focus a moving light rig in the sun, before the crowd comes in.

  • Front and back view of d3's gx 1

    d3 Technologies gx 1 and gx 2

    PLSN Staff | November 2017Product Spotlight | November 9, 2017

    In mid 2017, d3 Technologies revealed its newest and fastest range of servers to date, the gx range. With two models, the gx 1 and gx 2, the new systems meet the increasing demand for real-time generative effects, and then some. Let’s take a closer look at some of its impressive features.

  • The software lets users invite others to participate in a given project as 'members' or 'guests,' encouraging visual collaboration.


    PLSN Staff | October 2017Product Spotlight | October 12, 2017

    I'm reminded of an old commercial that went something like, “ When EF Hutton talks…people listen.” The “EF Hutton” in this case is Laura Frank. When someone with the level of experience and accomplishments of Laura suggests that I spend some time getting to know a new workflow tool, I listen. She is at the top of her craft in the world of screen management, having directed screen content on some of the largest projects in television and live entertainment.

  • One of the best features of this LED product is that it is IP65-rated on both the front and back sides. One has no fear of doing outdoor shows and experiencing a little foul weather.

    Black Widow CTS + Touring Frame + Touring Cart

    PLSN Staff | Product SpotlightSeptember 2017 | September 9, 2017

    A Look at Oracle LED Systems’ Tiles, Frames and Carts

    As I walked the floor at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando this summer, I was on a quest to search for the best touring package of LED video walls. I was looking for quality in the output, lightness in weight, toughness in fabrication, weather resistance and protective traveling options that make for a quick and efficient load in.

  • CB cabinets were hung in a circular array at Roe’s InfoComm 2017 booth.

    ROE Creative Display CB3 Video Tile

    PLSN Staff | August 2017Product Spotlight | August 11, 2017

    ROE Creative Display has been manufacturing quality LED displays for over 10 years. They have six different product lines now, with each one geared towards filling the needs specified by different scenarios. In 2016 ROE Creative Display unveiled their new Carbon line of LED displays, an ultra-light series of tiles that incorporates their own ROE carbon fiber technology in the tiles, making them an ideal product for touring.

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