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  • American Idiot: The Musical on tour

    WorldStage Devises Smart Solutions for ‘American Idiot’ Tour

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | June 6, 2012

    NEW YORK – “American Idiot: The Musical” is now on national tour with AV support from WorldStage. The tour began directly after the Broadway run of the show, which is based on Green Day’s album. The show features an extensive amount of video with more than three dozen flat-screen monitors, provided by Vizio, suspended in frames throughout the obliquely angled warehouse-like living space by set designer Christine Jones.  The set’s walls also serve as large projection surfaces. The key was designing a touring system to accommodate a variety of venues.

  • Silverdale Baptist Church

    Barco Projectors Enrich Silverdale Baptist Church Services

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | June 5, 2012

    RANCHO CORDOVA, CA– Barco and Mankin Media Systems (MMS) have created a new AV system designed to elevate the video shows supporting Silverdale Baptist Church’s sermons and programs. Energy efficiency was of paramount importance. When Silverdale and MMS evaluated projectors, they considered power-saving features just as critical as performance and image. Their choice: Barco’s HDX-W14 large venue projector.

  • Smart Light Sports

    Smart Lights Sports Training Projects Images for Practice

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | June 1, 2012

    ARLINGTON, MA— Smart Light Sports is training athletes and coaches in a new light. The new patent-pending systems use Hitachi CP-X10000 3LCD projectors to display animated graphics and images onto the playing surface where the athletes can practice in an entirely new and engaging way.

  • alt

    WorldStage for Doug Aitken’s 360 Museum Piece

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | May 31, 2012

    WASHINGTON, DC – It was a case of perfect harmony when WorldStage successfully delivered a complex projection and audio solution for “Song1,” artist Doug Aitken’s ambitious multimedia piece, which premiered on the cylindrical facade of the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Aitken wanted “Song1” to be an exercise in “liquid architecture,” and the Hirshhorn’s facade seemed to disappear when it was transformed into an urban canvas for fluid images of rippling water, floating boats and cars streaming down liquid-metal highways.

  • Exhibit

    Axon Media Servers Project for 360-degree Exhibit

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | May 31, 2012

    ZAGREB, Croatia - The city recently hosted an exhibit entitled "Bruketa&Zinic om: Exhibit" held in the central Barrel Gallery of the hall of the Croatian Associations of Artists.  A European advertising agency created the installation where five Axon Media Servers from High End Systems were used to deploy content on the 360-degree projection space.

  • Mansion 360 controlled by Madrix

    Mansion Wraps “Star of the Night” in LED Visuals Controlled by Madrix

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | May 31, 2012

    MIAMI — Mansion, one of four big nightclubs owned by the Opium group here (the others are Opium Garden, Privé and SET) introduced an new LED lighting installation that arcs over the “star of the night” in the center of the club — the guest DJ. AVLI provided the design and install for the elaborate setup, using a Madrix system for control.

  • alt

    Pete’s Big TVs Hired For ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Finale

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | May 28, 2012

    NEW YORK - Pete’s Big TVs was hired for the third year to provide video screens and monitors for NBC TV’s  “Celebrity Apprentice Finale.” The live broadcast May 20 took place at a theatre within the American Museum of Natural History. The set resembled Donald Trump's board room as seen on the series, with a Gtech 20mm flex screen serving as the Manhattan skyline at night as seen through "windows."

  • Panasonic, GoVision Join To Expand Modular LED Tiles Rental Business

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | May 25, 2012

    ARGYLE, TX – Panasonic Eco Solutions North America and GoVision LP are joining forces in the LED video screen rental market to expand the modular LED tiles business.

  • Qualcomm Museum

    Nautilus Wins IES Award for Qualcomm Museum

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | May 24, 2012

    SAN DIEGO - Nautilus Entertainment Design was honored with an IES 2012 "Commendable Achievement in Lighting Design" award for the Qualcomm Museum in San Diego. Nautilus provided lighting design and A/V system design for the museum, including more than 16 large format interactive video kiosks and an integrated control system.

  • Munk School of Global Affairs

    Christie MicroTiles Installed at Toronto’s Munk School

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | May 16, 2012

    KITCHENER, Ontario – Thirty-six Christie MicroTiles were installed at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs. Positioned in the front wall of the Vivian and David Campbell conference facility, the 6 units wide by 6 units high Christie MicroTiles array displays Blu-ray videos, still images and PowerPoint presentations for foreign and domestic officials who present their research findings at the facility.

  • CCTV

    Vista Spyder Manages Content for CCTV’s New Studio

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | May 9, 2012

    WASHINGTON, DC – China’s state broadcaster CCTV (China Central Television) recently launched its new US hub in Washington, DC, delivering English-language programming to China. Several Vista Spyder X20-0808 video processors manage graphics and video content, feeding it to three sets.

  • Drake

    Drake’s Tour Moves with Elation’s Moving Head LED Panel

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | May 8, 2012

    LOS ANGELES - Canadian rapper Drake is touring with Elation’s EPV762 MH Moving Head LED Video Panel. LD Patrick Dierson says the moving panels are getting such jaw-dropping audience reactions, that they’ve increased the number of them as the tour continues on, from an original 48 units to 96 units. Drake’s tour returns to the US in May.

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