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Projection Connection News

  • Sundance Film Festival

    Barco Projectors Video Map at Sundance Film Festival

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | April 9, 2013

    PARK CITY, UT - Sundance Film Festival organizers commissioned Klip Collective to create the 3-D projection mapping display for the venue’s exterior during their recent event. Klip Creative Director Ricardo Rivera envisioned a “man vs. machine” Steampunk-styled vignette entitled and inspired by the Tom Waits song “What’s He Building in There.” To fulfill the technical demands of the concept, Sundance Film Festival used Barco’s HDX-W18 large-venue projectors to present the show.

  • Teenage Cancer Trust event

    XL Video Supplies Cancer Trust Event

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | April 4, 2013

    LONDON - The Teenage Cancer Trust held its regular series of fundraising shows in March at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Supporting the charity, XL Video supplied LED screens, an HD camera system, recording and control for the series of seven events which were curated by Noel Gallagher.

  • US Open Opening Ceremony

    US Open Ceremony Includes Video Mapped to Tennis Court

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | April 3, 2013

    FLUSHING, NY – The US Open tennis classic at Arthur Asche Stadium hit a grand slam the first night of the tournament with an opening night ceremony that set a new standard. For the first time at the U.S. Open, the center court was turned into a giant video board with images of past champions flashing across the court during a high-energy music and light show. The grandMA2 consoles, Clay Paky Sharpy lighting fixtures and MDG hazers played key roles in the show.

  • Visitors interact with Gallery One wall

    Christie Creates Interactive Wall at Cleveland Museum of Art

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | March 28, 2013

    CYPRESS, CA – Visitors to the Cleveland Museum of Art and its Gallery One are engaging with displays and curating their own tours thanks to Christie MicroTiles and Christie Interactivity Kit. Blending art and technology, Gallery One’s Collection Wall is a 40-ft wide multitouch screen comprising two 15-units wide by 5-units tall Christie MicroTiles video walls using the Christie Interactivity Kit. The MicroTiles video wall with another Interactivity Kit is located in Studio Play, Gallery One’s childhood learning zone.

  • boards under Jerrytron

    GoVision Adds Video Screens for NCAA at Cowboys Stadium

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | March 27, 2013

    ARLINGTON, TX   – Even with one of the world’s largest LED screens, Cowboys Stadium needed more screens for the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament South Regionals, taking place March 29-31. GoVision is constructing and suspending a giant four-sided LED screen directly beneath the iconic “Jerrytron” to allow spectators to view the video boards and scoreboards. The regional is a precursor to the 2014 NCAA Men’s Final Four, also taking place at the stadium.

  • Mohonk Preserve

    Electrosonic Goes Back to Nature at Mohonk Preserve

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | March 27, 2013

    NEW PALTZ, NY – Mohonk Preserve in the Shawangunk Mountains near New Paltz, NY, is marking its 50th anniversary this year with a renovation of its green design award-winning Visitor Center tucked cozily into the woods.  Electrosonic was charged with creating several new exhibits for the main floor, which enable visitors to maximize their time in New York’s largest nonprofit nature preserve.

  • 3D Forest

    Teslacoop Creates Virtual 3D Forest with wysiwyg

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | March 25, 2013

    TURIN, Italy – Visual design company Teslacoop has created a life-size virtual 3D forest using wysiwyg R30. The live simulation, originally conceived for a show by a prominent fashion label, was designed to be held within a circular theatre in Milan. Although it was a 3D forest, Luca Baraldo, president of Teslacoop, says it could have been anything involving scenery: a town, a desert, an aquarium, for instance. “The main thing is that we can put the audience inside a virtual 3D scene.”

  • d3 on San Francisco City Hall

    Tekamaki Becomes First d3 Studio in California

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | March 25, 2013

    LONDON - d3 Technologies announce that San Carlos, CA-based rental and staging company Tekamaki have signed up to become the latest d3 Studio. Tekamaki used d3 systems on the September 2012 DreamForce event for, which saw the entire San Francisco City Hall visually mapped up for a one-off performance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  • The Killers

    The Killers Choose ArKaos for Battle Born World Tour

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | March 21, 2013

    BRUSSELS – The Killers' Battle Born world tour has taken ArKaos MediaMaster 3 with its new VideoMapper extension along for the ride. Christie Lites provided the ArKaos product for show designer Steven Douglas. The tour started last September and runs through September of this year.

  • Z-HD5000

    GeminiLSV Expands Video Business with New Hitachi Cameras

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | March 21, 2013

    WOODBURY, NY– Gemini Light, Sound, Video (GeminiLSV), a Dallas, Texas-based rental and production company, recently acquired three new Hitachi Z-HD5000 HDTV studio/field production cameras for its expanding video production business.

  • Prudential Real Estate convention

    Corporate Magic Orchestrates Real Estate Convention

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | March 21, 2013

    LAS VEGAS – More than 3,400 independent brokers and sales agents for Prudential Real Estate gathered in Las Vegas recently for their annual sales convention. Dallas-based Corporate Magic orchestrated the event for its 12th consecutive year, this time with a production set on Celine Dion’s stage at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace.

  • Dreamgirls

    Pete’s Big TVs Supplies ‘Dreamgirls’ Tour

    PLSN Staff | Projection Connection News | March 18, 2013

    NEW CASTLE, DE - Video equipment rental company Pete’s Big TVs is providing the video equipment, cameras and d3 media servers for the new 2013 production of the “Dreamgirls” tour. Working with MB Productions, Pete’s Big TVs is providing the main set of the show, comprised of 400 digiLED MC15 (15 mm) LED video panels in three screens, which all track and fly in different configurations. Howard Werner of Lightswitch designed the media content.

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